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You okay? I’m talking about behavior, and you’re making it about people’s abilities. If you want people to engage in critical analysis, don’t start by saying they’re unable to do it.

Fox news calling the US an empire is not new. How old do you all think the moniker “Empire State” is? It’s wild how it’s in our language but we just don’t think about it.

Could someone explain the joke to me? I’m not very smart.

I’m sure if you keep calling those who do as LARPers, it will surely encourage such dialogue.

If attacking civilians is the mark of psychopathology then the US does a good job of arming such nations. What the Houthis are doing is not happening in a vacuum. They have a history of resisting regimes propped up by the US. Does that make them saints? No. But we’re not any better.

What does this even mean in this context? Part of our communication standards at work is that a critique must include concrete examples.

In what world is a disabled person able to board a car on their own but not a bus or train? And in what world are those busses and trains not staffed with people to help? Are we talking self-driving busses and cars with wheelchair driving options as a standard?

Edit: Seems the response is for the disabled person to: JuSt SpEnD mOrE mOnEy ; but we couldn’t possibly be bothered to spend more on public transit to make it more accessible.

And then a tornado hits, harder

I just think people shouldn’t be chided for doing what is convenient when so much of our economy is attention based. Kind of like hating the players instead of the game.

Does self-defense count as violence? Because forcefully dismantling the oil infrastructure can save lives and it would be nonviolent as long as the police don’t start with their violence.

Does self-defense count as violence? Because forcefully dismantling the oil infrastructure can save lives.

I mean if removing people from the equation is on the table then targeting billionaires with a carbon footprint of small nations would be the logical place to start.

That aside, this meme is calling for collective violent action against infrastructure. Your example is an individual violent action against a person.

The market will dictate your worth.

Speak for yourself. I’m priceless.

“Market movers make money” by shipping jobs over seas and busting unions. That’s the part of the CEO’s job description. They work hard at it alright, but a guillotine works harder.

Cynbersyn could have changed the world. Rest in power Allende.

Me: how about democracy in the work place?

Reactionaries: but what about Stalin?

Me: did I stutter?

Right now the UAW is going on strike for those higher wages. CEO of Ford says those wages will bankrupt them. Is he telling the truth?

We’re communicating using the fediverse. I can use my own private instance to connect, but in my case I am using a “collective” instance. While capitalism sees the Lemmy Blahaj as a “private enterprise”, it is functionally more akin to a free associative collective where members can take their content with them.

I would say part of the confusion is because our technology has evolved in a capitalist context, collectivism isn’t the default state of being so the solutions made cater towards (corporate) private ownership.

IDK, maybe we could decide such things similar to how we’re having this conversation and we’re able to upvote on what’s being said. Totally unprecedented I know.

Under a capitalist legal framework yes, but hear me out, it’s possible to redefine laws and is really what this debate is about.

What kind of competition though? Competing over how little I pay my workers might temporarily boost the standard of living in my own country if I offshore labor, but it seems to turn the standard of living into a ponzi scheme. Where one needs to continually find a cheaper source of labor to maintain the quality of life.

Wild how even when they were going full-on gulags , their peak imprisonment rate didn’t surpass the United States. And we’ve got plenty of bullets for those that run or resist arrest.

A car can not only belong to one person, but it can be operated by one person.

A key distinction I’ve heard is: whether a property has to be collectively operated or can it be individually operated?

One point in time does not constitute a robust conclusion. Consider any time before and how collectivism did yield considerable agriculture gains for the USSR. Like do we really think they fought WW2 with the same or less agricultural efficiency they had before their revolution?

Being responsible isn’t an excuse to own other people’s livelihood.

Gee, who decided what is legally equivalent? Certainly not the people with wealth to buy politicians and judges.

Something about the demise of 3rd spaces (ie public parks) also plays a role. Just yesterday was told we couldn’t have a library in our neighborhood because of lack of surface level parking.

And Pol Pot got deposed by Vietnam after they kicked the US out. They really should get more credit…

I think people confuse “liberal society” with “liberal capitalism” and think if you have 100% socialism then you don’t even own a toothbrush or something

Yes, but have you considered prehistoric transformers from space?