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Yes, the yellow flag is anti-government, libertarian, while the black and blue flag is pro government and specifically pro police.

Bad meme, id you want to dunk on the US find a better angle than obvious propaganda.

I thought the Hobbit was written by Bilbo as an account of his tales only to be translated at a later date by the narrator. Which explains why place names are in the original language but the rest of the book is in english.

The real answer here is say No and scare the party.

That’s for femboys, which if you are call me.

Those things are so useful

There’s people into politics and then there’s people INTO politics. It’s the latter category you need to watch out for.

I’ve seen both sides get crazy butthurt and both sides not care at all. I think both sides are way too into politics rn.

I think it’s partly they see a little bit of themselves in him, so it’s like a “I’m you but better so listen to me” thing. But it’s also because she focuses on the Canadian government, which is really easy to make fun of and ridicule policy wise as of late. So these men see him “owning” the Liberal Canadian government for their many bad policies and they idolize him.

With the VPN it stops websites from knowing who you are. They don’t have an email, name, or real IP to track.

His brain lack wrinkles, so black people = racist.

If he said sexist I could see the angle but he went full retard on this take.

How do I put an image in comments?

I promise not to tread on you if you promise not to tread on me.

Never understood people that complain about their being differing politics on the web, its incredibly easy to ignore the other side lmao.

Where’s the meme? This is just a conversation but one of the characters is a wolf. Like I thought memes had a joke.

Sorry but people with braindead beliefs are on every social media. See: tankies on Lemmy

Just keeping it real, don’t rely on your Warhammer minis to pull chicks, gotta have a backup like winning a regional MTG tournament to really be rolling in the ladies

Don’t worry, it has to be painted good to impress the ladies.

New one every two weeks. Some good games too, never buying anything from them but I’ll keep the games.

What’s up with all the union memes?

Did I miss something?