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If people are cancerned about fatal disease, why does nobody proactively prevent catching the flu, given the stats of yealy deaths from influenza?

Since there are people still living life as normal having never gotten any covid shots, and what we know about nutrition and diet, isn’t it safer at the this point to never get a vaccine and devel ammunity?

There is no immunity against the common cold or flu, yet people get sick, society carries on, some people die from their illness, and life continues on regardless.

Could be that people need to stop being manipulated into living in fear, stop being a slave to their emotions, and accept that risks are part of living, and the only concrete garauntee you ave is that you will for sure die? Oh do you know of something to help a person never die, will never ever suffer death?

Can anyone provide a reason for why someone should get their first covid shot?

It’s contrived, self aggrandizing, pretentious, and delusional.

Trying to scare people into complience only makes people getting better at hiding their intoxicated driving since police can’t do this along every main road in a city, people always find ways to get around restrictions.

Plants and trees breath in CO2 that humans exhale, and plats exhale oxygen that humans breath in.

The more CO2 there is the better for trees and plants. Anyone wanting to cut CO2 wants to kill plants and it means eliminating nature that depends on it to breath in.

Having potted plants in the home is nature’s air filter for the people’s house.

Let each person rise and fall according the merits of their work and quality of their duties. No person is entitled to anything. Even respect has to be earned and prove why anyone should treat someone with dignity and honour.

As wages go higher for everybody, inflation costs goes up and pay higher costs for living.

Pay to start a company, then pay to hire a few people, and see what you think of how expensive it is to hire someone and if it’s worth the cost out of your own cash.

The higher mandatory wages go the less people will have a job.

The quality of a peron’s work has to match the salary. If a person’s work is worth $10 and a company must pay $16, it will not be worth hiring the person so they won’t have a job.

Also run the risk of as mandatory salaries goes up, current employees will be laid off to pay the ones that small companies can still afford to keep on staff.