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Black and white complains about gray

Plants use visible light for photosynthesis. Visible light ranges from low blue to far-red light and is described as the wavelengths between 380 nm and 750 nm. The region between 400 nm and 700 nm is what plants primarily use to drive photosynthesis and is typically referred to as Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR). Plant biologists quantify PAR using the number of photons in the 400-700 nm range received by a surface for a specified amount of time, or the Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) in the units μmol/s.

During photosynthesis, plants take in carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) from the air and soil. Within the plant cell, the water is oxidized, meaning it loses electrons, while the carbon dioxide is reduced, meaning it gains electrons. This transforms the water into oxygen and the carbon dioxide into glucose. The plant then releases the oxygen back into the air, and stores energy within the glucose molecules.

I’m lucky enough not to have them where I am, in any visible quantity at least. Back when I lived in Georgia, however…

PBS space time, as user friendly as it is, constantly misrepresents the nature of reality for the convenience of explanation, just as a grain of salt. Not saying it’s a bad channel, just saying it’s supposed to be entry level.

You’re in for SUCH a wild ride!! I’m so excited for you. He’s opened my mind SO MUCH, and the theory he’s working on is going to be revolutionary I suspect.

I’m bad at regurgitating information that I’ve only quasi understood from afar, but I will tell you the “Chris the Brain” on YouTube has some fantastic videos about things like this. I know he’s covered it in a few videos. They are long, but he’s SUCH a good teacher. That man is an absolute fucking genius, mark my words.

This question covers a wide gamut


Honestly, go ask Bing Chat/GPT4. It’s pretty good at generating leads on where to look, if not direct code for you.

The instruments are constructed with carrots, celery, peppers, squash, zucchini and other raw vegetables prior to the performances. Their sound is amplified with the use of special microphones

Following the performances, the leftover vegetables and off-cuts are cooked into a soup for the audience.

As of March 2019, more than 150 types of instruments had been invented since the band’s inception and include carrot xylophones, radish bass flute, pumpkin drums, leek violins, onion maracas, and many others.

You’re going to need another set of landing gear if your hull strength is going to survive the next grav jump buddy

I don’t know if I can do it anymore guys… ive been trying but nah.

Reddit sucks for corporate dystopian reasons, and tbh Lemmy sucks kind of worse: “wow look how shit people still are when they have options”.

Maybe the internet really is dead and I should stop wasting my time on this fucking device.

Letter boxes are sized smaller, for just envelopes/letters. Mailbox is larger for newspapers etc. Small packages, also envolopes.

Not really. Letters are generally of a known size so a house-side box is used to receive letters. It’s a letterbox. Then mailboxes, which you may note are generally much larger than house-sixe boxes, are intended for more than letters, and are sized as such. They care called mailboxes dur to them holding more than letters/envolopes.

Not sure why the aggression, I was stating an objective point of view so that people can get some counter perspective. It’s an important part of establishing the scope of things normally. But ok, go full steam ahead captain.

You see, it’s like a worse version of Reddit where everyone just cries about Reddit or capitalism, reposts boring shit to the same communities (all of which are federated so there’s no need) or talks about extremely niche hobbies/topics. Also I think there’s a few communist pedophile furries who are into Linux.

I don’t know a single person without a locking mailbox

Yeah cool hot take. Let me guess “capitalism bad” lmao tool

Ladies and gentlemen, the esteemed SatansMaggoryCumFart has spoken!!!

i think you were supposed to say your username in there somehow, the rest of us are all doing it

Sloths have been incredibly successful, from an evolution point of view (.by that i mean, somehow they exist still, which seems like a miracle) so i can’t refute your principles.

Nobody actually cares though SatansMaggotyCumFart may care, but I dont, you do realize that… you’re trying to make some point but this is a fucking meme community dude…

Sure bub.

Let me give you a little cheat to life, if you see somebody using the word sycophant you can immediately write them off because I’ve never once in my life met anybody who meant a single thing and use that term. It’s literally a word the rest of us used to filter out people like you thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

Time to leave moms basement my man. Blocked. Don’t bother.

He prefers teenager butts, from what I recall reading on places where I did zero leg work to verify the authenticity of said accusations.

It’s calcium phosphate still right not just phosphorus?

You want to do what to the bones with your balls?

Yes waxing philosophically definitely means I’m an abuse victim thanks bubba

Probably the same reason that you feel ashame, whereas nobody actually shamed you

Fucking Harbor Ants are the worst