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They’ll never support other platforms. Imagine being forced to purchase a whole system to use a single application.

Yup quietly without diminishing others enjoyment…

People sure love yucking other people’s yums.

Wow. What an unnecessarily meanspirited reply.

The Linux community as a whole has a real problem with being snobs to new users.

Get this racist shit out of here.

What’s finite about seeds?

Yeah a lot of your responses are basically “I’m going to disregard this because it doesn’t fit my view.”

You’re right. We aren’t those animals; we’re apes. Still animals though. Animals form communities. They feel emotions. They have problem solving skills. They communicate. They also can deviate from observed behaviors when food and safety are readily available. You don’t think that’s relevant? Hmm… That says a lot.

There are plenty of humans who are in intense life or death competitions with each other. What you mean to say is that you’re happy being male, likely white and have McDonald’s within driving distance.

Inequality, poverty, starvation, suffering, war… C’mon, man. These are issues that don’t need to exist, but do so in order to keep certain people in power. It’s all part of the machine.

You don’t need to discuss whether the sky appears blue because we know how sunlight interacts with our atmosphere. The same is true for this issue.

Sounds about right. You vote Republican, right?

You poor soul. You’ve been indoctrinated so hard by capitalism that you can’t value a human life if that life can’t give you something.

I hope you don’t have pets.

You’re wrong though. You’re saying the way it isn’t can’t work while living the way you’re describing and it not working. No discussion is needed.

Squirrels don’t have jobs. There isn’t some overly complex system in place to keep the raccoons doing a repetitive task to ensure that hollowed or trees are available to them. The spiders don’t own those trees and almost exclusively benefit from the raccoon’s labor.

Human society should absolutely collapse if it can’t exist without all the inequality and suffering.

What’s wrong with doing what’s fun? Necessity is an interesting motivator. The problem is when capitalists commoditize necessity.

What’s to discuss? We live in a society that you’re describing and it’s awful for most people. You defeated yourself.

Ah the ol “I’m just asking questions” defense.

Look, you’re acting under the impression that I’m trying to convince you of something when I know you’re not capable of having your opinion changed because you’re sure you’re right. The Internet is full of people like you. You read an article somewhere or mirror others like you who talk about the proper ways to argue, again with the goal of defending your awful takes instead of entertaining learning new info, but the truth is you just like to argue.

We have more food than we know what to do with and people are still starving. Growing your own food provides a reward someone like you not only can’t experience, but if you did you wouldn’t be able to understand it.

God damn you keep showing up here with the dumbest fucking, capitalism teet sucking takes. We get it, you love Elon Musk.

Or those that are able to farm can do that and provide the food for those that can cook and provide that for those that can build who can provide that for those who can sew etc etc and all that can be shared with those who can’t do anything because at the end of the day a person’s worth should not be determined by what they can provide.

The capitalism is strong with this one…

Hopefully AMD can close the gap on RT performance in the future. I think I read they’re working on a cuda-like project.

Oh boy! It’s the contrarian again! Leading the pack with downvotes on all his shitty takes!

Smiles in not needing proprietary software tricks to force customers into buying increasingly expensive gpus

It works pretty great actually. Not sure why you’d say otherwise…

This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, issue with switching to Linux.

How is 4 teenagers trying to out do each other tense?