I do like some intellectual stimulation and will hold contrarian views just to test the waters of my own understanding or to test yours. I don’t always believe the things I say online. I want you, AND me to understand the world around us better.

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3 rules for backups:

  1. Keep 3 copies of your data.
  2. Keep 2 of those copies on different types of media
  3. Keep 1 of those copies off-site.

I keep a backup on an array of RAIDZ disks. I keep a second copy on a very large hard disk; one that is powered down 99% of the time.

And I keep another at the in-laws house that I can upload to remotely.

Yeah, I couldn’t find that on ollama; but I did find it in text-generation-webui - which is a little more complicated, but for me, I think it might help springboard me into understanding a few more things.

The biggest thing that I want to learn is how to either A: add “tools” for the AI to run, or B: “fine-tune” the model by feeding it data that’s relevant to me.

This is the reason I no longer use Plex. They’re just throwing shit at the wall to appease their VC funders. They’re doing their damndest to become “profitable” and they’re implementing little shit changes here and there just a little bit at a time.

I bought a CN62 Chromebox, and put MrChromebox’s Bios on it – I did the rounds comparing it with a Pi 4 and it was 2.5x faster, and could easily saturate my gigabit connection. It came with 16gb of storage, and 2gb of ram; but using ACTUAL DRAM slots. I could upgrade it to 16gb if I needed to down the line.

The whole thing, cost me like $45 shipped; power supply, storage, everything needed…and it’s an X86 instruction set - so I can use whatever version of Linux I want, without any crazy Raspberry Pi specific patches/builds.

Proton Pass is a password manager? I’m failing to see why it has anything to do with a web service that you’re running. You should be asking in support for Proton Pass.

I don’t watch TV, just shows and movies, so I didn’t ever need the DVR functionality. So I get that. NVENC encoding was as simple as choosing it and hitting save; so I’m not sure why you were having troubles there unless you were trying to set up docker or some shit, but that’s on you for using containerization, not on jellyfin.

And the UI is short, sweet, and to the point - exactly what I want to select a show and have it get out of my way. It looks almost exactly like AndroidTV did when it was introduced. Just a nice, clean way to select and start what you want.

Hardware acceleration was as simple as choosing NVENC and saving for me. What are you guys doing wrong?

Just learn a simple reverse proxy and swap out for jellyfin. Other than Plex not handling the user subscription/account side (privacy!) it’s basically the same thing with some small edge cases like people with WebOS TVs and shit.

I’d still think it’s a power issue. I’ve got a bunch of 500gig laptop drives, and ended up getting a 10A 5v supply with a powered hub. Also if you have the chance, power the rpi by the 5v GPIO pins rather than USB, as often the PMIC on the Rpi is anemic and loves to STILL drop under recommended voltage. I run 5.2v 5A PSU on the 5v rail, and haven’t had issues.

If these are 2.5" HDDs, (laptop sized) then maybe not. If they’re the full sized 3.5" HDDs, they need their own external PSU.

I’ve replaced reconnaissance commands (a handful of them found here: https://www.cybrary.it/blog/linux-commands-used-attackers) – whoami, uname, id, uptime, last, etc

With shell scripts which run the command but also send me a notification via pushover. I’m running several internet-facing services, and the moment those get run because someone is doing some sleuthing inside the machine, I get notified.

It doesn’t stop people getting in, I’ve set up other things for that – but on the off chance that there is some zero-day that I don’t know about yet, or they’ve traversed the network laterally somehow, the moment they run one of those commands, I know to kill-switch the entire thing.

The thing is, security is an on-going process. Leave any computer attached to the internet long enough and it’ll be gotten into. I don’t trust being able to know every method that can be used, so I use this as a backup.

Honestly, I installed Ombi, so friends can request movies - and gave them all jellyfin logins as well. I’m not running any kind of pay-for service, I’m just giving them access to my library. Additionally, my kids will sometimes spend the night at friends, etc - and their friend won’t have an anime, or a crunchyroll subscription, so they’ll pull it up on jellyfin. It’s easy to remember for them because it’s just jellyfin.mydomain.com

They don’t know anything about how the backend gets the movies/tv shows, just that they go to ombi, and it shows up on jellyfin if they want something ;)

Very nice setup imho. Quite a bit more complicated than mine - mine is basically just the left box without being behind a VPS or anything. I don’t expose anything through Caddy except Jellyfin. I’m also running fail2ban in front of my services, so that if it gets hit with too many 404s because someone is poking around, they get IP banned for 30d

Just what I want to do, move files from A to B in an easy 8 step process!

I kid, I kid…

Docker is wonderful when it is used for the right purposes.

That’s the best thing about Namecheap for me. I just don’t ever have to deal with them. They just kind of exist in the background, not giving me any shit.

You missed CVE – Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures

I’m kinda weirded out by all the people suggesting a VPN here.

Like – if you’re hosting Nextcloud, Jellyfin, etc and you want friends/family to use it, having them VPN into shit is a hurdle that none of them are going to overcome.

You need to make sure you’re not behind CGNAT first, if not, don’t use Nextcloud on port 80, put it on another port, and then open that port to the outside world.

Just be aware, you REALLY want these things to be isolated from your home environment if you’re going to host them, and you NEED to be on some sort of CVE notification list for the software you currently use. Not all CVEs are “YOU MUST UPGRADE NOW”, but some of them can be pretty severe.

I’ve set up fail2ban on my isolated network, and it does a pretty good job of banning any IPs that are probing for things. So much so that I’ve accidentally locked myself out of my own network a few times, lol

IF you ARE behind a CGNAT - what you’ll want to do is likely rent the cheapest VPS you can find, and then set up a VPN not on the VPS, but on your home network, and have the VPS be your public entry point to the network, as it will have a public facing IP and can mask your home IP address. – https://github.com/fractalnetworksco/selfhosted-gateway

Edit: THEN - once you’ve accomplished all that, you’ll probably want to buy a domain name, and reverse-proxy subdomains to forward to the services on specific ports.

That’s enforcement, those police officers don’t need to exist for you not to kill someone…

Or do they?

It’s called philosophy. You should try it sometime. Understanding the worlds truths at a deeper level allows you to more precisely consolidate them into a unified opinion of things. Helps to be concise and rigorously authentic to their principles.

Wells are essentially free. They used to dig them by hand…you still can, in fact. They’re one of the most commonly used pre-technological age way of getting water with the exception of simply living next to a freshwater source.

You don’t need metal, you don’t need electrical, you don’t need pumps, you don’t need anything except some rocks, clay, and something to dredge water up with.

It’s wonderful how in most places on this earth you can simply…dig…and get water.

I’d call that about as free as something could ever be achieved, gets.

do you get the majority of your clean water via collecting rain?

Yes, I do. It’s called a well. Millions of people do the same. You can drill a well almost anywhere, and drink clean rain water. There are some exceptions of course, but as I stated before – “the right to clean water” – has more to do with keeping large corporations, etc from polluting those water sources than it does physically attaining water.

Do you think it’s a viable source for folks living in dense metropolitan areas?

No, but that’s their choice to live there. That’s the same reason why it’s illegal to fish in dense populated areas.

Healthcare is not a human right. It’s a societal right granted to you by those around you.

A human right is anything a human should have the right to.

In that case, you have no rights at all. Not even to speech, or the right not to be killed. “Rights” are invented by the society we live in. You have literally none in the natural world. As it exists, “Rights” are a religious idea. (Hence, “God-given rights”)

The practicalities are of the utmost concern, because those practicalities are governed by the society which recognizes them as rights. As of now, there is no “human right to shelter”.

Absolutely it is. Because our “rights” are just invented bullshit brought about by the society we’ve created. You don’t have the right for me not to murder you in the lawless nothingness of nature. Therefore, if it’s difficult as a society to supply it – we can, AND DO, reject things as human rights.

As it is, clean water is not a human right. Housing is not a human right. You WANT it to be, but your feelings here obviously don’t have a speck of reality within them.

Clean, safe drinking water isn’t cheaply and widely available

Literally rain. It’s literally free, and literally “widely” available. As I said, water rights have more to do with not polluting fresh water sources than actually attaining physical water.

What you described there is not what a human right consists of. Sure, governments should do exactly what you say, but something considered a ‘human right’ has much higher standards. It MUST be met. It’s not an optional strive-to-do-our-best situation.

Speech doesn’t require anything tangible though. Big difference. Same with the right to water – it has more to do with not infringing the rights of others (by dumping waste into the water, etc) than it does actually attaining something tangible; mostly due to how widely available it is, causing it to be essentially free as well. That’s why those are already codified rights basically – because they’re easy to attain and ensure.

I edited my reply to expound upon my thoughts. But mostly it comes down to – because houses require vast resources to build. You need people in the steel industry, wood/lumber industries, a set of housing standards, architects, etc.

Unless these things become so cheap that they’re basically costless, ensuring a house for everyone free of charge is a monumentally burdensome task.

I don’t think housing should be considered a human right, unless being homeless is made illegal. But, being homeless is practically illegal everywhere, so here we are, agreeing with one another.

I try to think to myself - at what point do we call for things to be considered human rights? At what point in human history did we start considering clean water to be a human right? – Generally once we had massive cheap, clean, unfettered access to it, right?

Companies and corporations, want their workers healthy, housed, disease free, etc. So – if they want those things, they should be considered ‘rights’ and we should collect taxes on making sure those rights are distributed, shouldn’t we?

Works fine for me on a different instance. Maybe other instances should get their shit together instead?

I ended up getting myself an old Chromebox CN-62 and putting MrChromebox Bios on it. It ended up being at least twice the speed of a Pi 4, and is a new enough generation intel chip to have QuickSync on it. I ended up getting the chromebox for like $35 on ebay. Which was subsequently also cheaper than any of the available SBCs as well. Plus it already came with 16gb storage, and removable/upgradeable SODIMMs. (2gb of ram)

This is normal. Most “alt” services, rely on outrage and shit to grow user base. Reddit will do something stupid and we’ll get a huge influx again, some people will stay, others will leave.

One of the other alt sites that I was part of had a meme just for this: https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/001/409/691/008.png

We need something like this drawn up for Lemmy but without the N word.

Diskprices can be a little wacky sometimes. There are clearly people who are gaming the system. You’ll see something crazy on there, and you click the link and it’s nowhere near what it says.

I always just do drives sorted by best TB/$ value and then skip any company I haven’t heard of and go with the cheapest name brand. Hasn’t failed me yet. Got many drives going on more than a decade of service now.

Probably just Canadian and being really nice…

Not all Linux contains GNU command line utilities or glibc. Asahi Linux is an example of this, the Linux distro for the new Apple Silicon.

Edit: Correction!

On TOP of this, the companies know that their market demographic is the under 18 segment, who isn’t mature and lacks the self-control of a fully fledged adult. They bank on this immaturity and use it to further entrench gambling addiction in young adults. The people who excuse this as “oh if you don’t like it then just don’t buy it!” have the absolute most trash opinions of all.

I’m not sure people are buying MORE during inflation.