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This community has a hard time accepting how little the average person is aware Linux exists let alone how few people consider it an option for gaming

Am I stupid. Most Linux users I know are more paranoid about tech than anyone else

I don’t think I’ve ever added the ability to filter via the text field on any search system I’ve built. Normally there’s checkboxes and categories though

You should learn vim btw

Yeah it’s kinda a badge of honor to wear the fashion despite the stats. Like how when you play a game long enough you do the dumb thing on purpose just to try and challenge yourself

How dare you. Everyone that I force to try my coffee says it’s amazing!

This couldn’t possibly be any less self aware


I appreciate the strategic placement

Ya exactly. The idea that fun should come at the expense of giving yourself a safety net is hogwash. I spent the first 25 years of my life living in poverty. The difference between people who stay in poverty and the people who leave is knowing that a stable foundation is more important than anything else in life

I guess it’s been so long since I’ve been bit by that that doesn’t matter. I always quote things when possible. But ya, especially for a newbie that would suck

I know it’s a meme but it’s crazy to me that some people think the average person cares about computers at all (let alone what OS is running)

I thought most modern file systems don’t care?

Lemmy isn’t bleeding edge but it’s better than a lot of places

Cats value their privacy. Litterbox is in the bathroom and I keep the light off. Never had issues

Isn’t this an issue with the game not steam?

So Germans colloquially call each other “old man”? That’s kinda hilarious

Only if they’re comfy tho

I’ve always imagined the universal desire to have a “good stick” and to even know what a “good stick” is stems from a survival instinct

Unironcally. I think is what to do but backwards. You should try out the paths that lead toward the best paid jobs until you find the one you like the most. People get top caught up on finding their “dream job.” Your team, the company, and the culture will have a bigger impact on your mental health than the tasks anyway

What meme would be for auto-archiving it?

The title says apple users but sure take the least graceful interpretation of things since this is Lemmy

You just made me choke on tea. I hope you’re proud

What is this the 2010’s again? Why are so many people shitting on people’s choices? If you like something then do it. End of story. If someone gives you shit for that they are the asshole

Y’all need to get over yourselves

But that requires effort and learning

Weird I didn’t notice any issues today

Back when I was doing high intensity interval training in college I would regularly hit ~2k calories burned a day. Few things satiate the kind of hunger that gives you like a burger

Being good company to others starts with being good company to yourself

Thinking about that time I comped a cute girl’s meal (she forgot her card and I had a line to the door). She came back after closing hours and knocked on the door. She was really greatful for me covering her meal and wanted to pay me back. I told her it was okay and then locked the door (without a further thought). She then stood there for a bit before leaving… Later a coworker came over and was like “dude, I think she wanted you to ask for her number.” You could hear the gears turning in my head after that

Top is only nice when you first join a community. If you actually want to engage you should be on one of the others


Funny enough English does this all the time:

  • That’s food.
  • That’s food!
  • That’s food?
  • That’s food?!
  • That’s food…

All have different intonations and punctuation but are otherwise the same. Internet lingo does compensate for this somewhat but at least in “proper” form the above holds true for all kinds of situations

So totally hear you but some stats to add perspective (all from wiki):

  • ~2% of the world has red hair
  • ~2% of American’s identify as homosexual
  • ~5% of American’s are suspected to have ADHD with 90% of them undiagnosed

So if this is accurate then that means roughly one out of every twenty people you walk by on the street has ADHD. Do people over use the term? Yes. Do most people underestimate how frequent it is? Also yes.

Further consider what happens when you give a people who are by definition poorly equiped to restrain themselves social media access and a relatable or spicy topic :p

Sincerely someone recently diagnosed

My favorite thing about this comment section is the ratio of comment score and comment length

It’s from $HOME so you would want to use the first option

But it’s GTK that var is used by some people

Every tool I build checks three places:

  1. An env variable (if it exists) which should point to a dir of the users choosing
  2. ~/.config/tool-name/
  3. ~/.tool-name

Which imo is how every modern application should work

For anyone struggling with this I have two things that might help

In the moment, you need to get out of bed. Doesn’t matter with you do. You’ll feel tired again after a while and then you can go back to bed. You don’t want your brain associating your bed with being awake

More systemically though. You might not be getting enough exercise. Especially if you work at a desk, or are a student. I like going on long walks, but just find something that works for you. The key here is to experiment

Ce n’est pas de la nourriture