Just trying to do some cool shit with people and have fun and respectful. Feel free to give me shit if I’m being unduly rude or disrespectful and point to this bio.

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You answered a joke with an answer. Copium

It was a joke about how insane the og mario movie was and how insane lead poisoning was 😂

Lighten up

Can you guess which Mario movie was written for people with lead poisoning?

Toddlers are the OG troll tho so technically they have seniority:(

You were a normie at one point too

Or philosophy for that matter

Good reminder

Plan B = recycling? 🤔

Just wait until we starting using these plastic eating bacteria they’ve been working on

• ᴗ •

Windows, because it’s the norm and has the best support without fuss which is what I want after a long day of fussing.

I’ve also had years where I mained Debian as well.

I flip flop because being a techie means I can handle tiny issues or get around corpo bullshit.

Most importantly, I understand people have different taste and opinions and that means that no one person is right.

This is a multidimensional situation thing we’re talking about with endless facets, configurations, etc.

How anyone says their option is the only option is beyond me but it’s most definitely within my grasp to call it moronic and petulant.

This would never happen irl tho because gender norms which is why it would sell out as a movie almost immediately 😂

Also werewolves aren’t real

I’ve used several distros, including oddballs like crunchbang. I have a secondary system which runs on debian.

But ok

And you still walk into right into my point lmao

Dude not only had to go through my post history to come up with something but STILL only came up with “only idiots use the word sycophant”

Don’t try to play like your self esteem isn’t so low that, despite blocking me, you’ll still come back to check.

Stay bitter and angry and continue to wonder why our life is so miserable.

Hello there king ubermeisters,

It is I, the humble spokesperson for all of Lemmy. We sincerely apologize for falling short of your almighty opinion of opinions and expectations! How naive of us to air our own feelings about someone online and forget about your precious opinions and reaction to reactions.

In the future we will try Uber hard to think about your all-important feelings about another lying corpo pig who outright lied and defrauded one of his own user base. Surely one day your ball gobbling sycophant glory will be repaid in full through a deep and rough anal plunging you so clearly desire. Soon you will join the ranks of your masters - do not fret us lowly people.


Eat shit.

“I breed insufferable, socially awkward users who are incapable of understanding subjective like and dislike and constantly feel the need to make fun of other peoples opinions. People who can only respond with the equivalent of ‘u mad bro’ or ‘it’s just a joke I keep repeating over and over; which, only people that hang out with me find funny. Despite very clearly and consistently demonstrating a massive superiority complex’”

And no I’m not mad, just figured I’d call y’all out for continuing to be the equivalent of that annoying seventh grader who won’t shut the fuck up at the back of the bus. lol

What of the police state though? How can revolutionaries stay out of the gulags in order to fight these revolutions you speak of.

I don’t believe in the extreme, tired ways of the retirees of the world. There’s plenty of smart routes to change that don’t require being thrown in jail.

We live in the technical age, one hacking group took out most of Las Vegas slots. Anything is possible through though and intelligent action. Stupid violence leads to unnecessary death.

More of a peaceful revolution kinda guy if possible but hard to do these days with how dire some things are getting.

I have a good feeling such revolutionaries would only fuel the oppositions fire

Which is why extremism continues to rise

This is really well worded, thanks for sharing!

Imagine valuing what the fuck a bunch of companies think about you.


Yarbb harbb ibb lovebb mybb newbb homebb

But where can we install another electoral college to guarantee govt control over masses wants

Not sure the intent of the first sentence The last portion I think is sarcasm? Mainly ragging on Christian Americans “thoughts and prayers approach” to gun violence by children teens young adults regular adults…

Hey wait a minute, I smell pattern…


I know what you did last summer Steve

It’s a figure of speech, it means to be obsessed with.

An alternative phrase would be: “they live rent free in your head”

Everytime I scroll past something from this community my eyes bleed. Y’all wanna fuck windows users so bad

I hate to tell ya this but it’s like that all over the internet with any population of reasonable size. This is the noise of smashing huge amounts of people from all walks of lives and experiences together.

Of course the thing in common to talk about is the thing that impacts our lives the most.

There was a way to word this where you wouldn’t be a hypocrite but ya kinda just face planted fam.

The whole point of being progressive is to identify things we’ve been missing and things we’ve been doing wrong and to fix them.

Not to only swing the pendulum the other way. Not cool.

Griever Jesus is the best name I’ve ever heard for a metal band 😂


Not paying attention makes reading comprehension more tough than if you were to not pay attention. Not sure I’m following

“You’re all cringe”

Is still cringe js

Imagine getting dissaproval votes (or whatever we’re calling not downvotes) just for sharing a completely neutral retelling of something that happened to you lmao

Turns out: even when you do pay attention, reading comprehension is tough. 😂

You implying that OP isn’t normal for getting their own router shows how puny your world view is.

Best of luck to you, I’m not at all offended, just felt like calling out a gadfly sitting on his throne of shit.