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I still left Reddit and unity and haven’t returned. Some people do care. Not everyone is indifferent.

Eh … I think MLMs are much worse than life coaches. At least life coaches do actually (usually) want to help people. They just aren’t therapists.

People who do MLMs are just greedy, stupid, or both.

I agree life coach is generally a dumb profession, but it is an actual, authentic profession unlike MLM.

Probably it’s more comparable to chiropractor vs physical therapy. But chiropractor can actually physically hurt you, so to me that’s worse than a life coach potentially giving bad advice.

Thanks! That’s all I was looking for… appreciate you!

Who else will fall for propaganda (not saying this is that) unless a source or more info is given?

Idk… I’m fine with political memes, but a source should be included…OP should leave a comment after posting with more info.

I’m not a Stallone fan at all, have no bias towards him. And that’s my goal, is to retain an unbiased opinion on this stuff. I could google it but then so does everyone else, some of which won’t.

Here’s a source I found, maybe it will help someone else. You’re welcome OP. Maybe next time do this yourself.


Sure… But that doesn’t answer my question. When did production start? Etc. one sentence replies really aren’t helping. Source?

Sorry but I’m still not following… Can you explain it with full nuance? Was this during the strike?

It’s been on my wishlist for a while cuz I thought it looked pretty good but wasn’t quite sure if I should try it.

Now I know to buy it next time there’s a good steam sale. You’ve sold me!

I can tell he’s making eye contact with someone.

Sports equipment is not entertaining. Don’t pretend otherwise.

That’s just life in general

Nice me too. BTT and unclutter are my 2 critical Mac apps.

How is this a meme? Where meme?

He should call it Twitter now that the name is available again. Wouldn’t that be hilarious if he just made Twitter all over again and everyone on X went back to Twitter?

I know that won’t happen but it would be super funny to see how Elon reacts to it.

I waited a while for sekiro. Finally broke down and got it on sale after it had been on my wishlist for 2 years.

I found it too challenging, even as a fan of their other games, it just didn’t click. Finally I hit a wall on some enemy who I couldn’t kill and gave up. Sad cuz I really wanted to like it.

This is the way I do it too. I also factor in cost by hour. Like if I think I will put 50 hours into a game then I wouldn’t mind paying $50 cuz that’s only $1 per hour of enjoyment. Most games are 5-25 hrs though so that’s the price range I tend to stick with.

There’s also quality of enjoyment. Like if I take 4 hours to beat a game but it’s so good it changes my life or is unlike any game I’ve played before, then I don’t mind a higher cost per hour. For example, Outer Wilds.