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ltt is so cringe for all things linux and on reddit they are seen as the messia of linux WTF is even happening

we not only allow it, we enforce it. windows not allowed in my company

havent used windows or mac in years. feels good.

Me neither I guess mostly assholes are left.

I deleted almost everything I post. It’s just full of whiny bitches

If your enjoyment is diminished by other people not liking it you are just a hipster.

But that plot point was completely nonsense.

Palestinians :“please don’t steal our land”

Random lemmy user : “you greedy fucks”

You joking right? Torrents are not the main attack vector XD who told you this fairy tale?

Also imagine using wine, wtf

Lemmy was nice at first but the communities now are really unfriendly, there is 0 motivation to create content

But all of those have web versions no?

I mean personally I’m not missing anything so I don’t see the benefits.

lemmy user understanding a joke challenge(impossible)

lol how is this downvoted it was funny

we shouldnt value childrens opinions in adult conversations

Once it’s done I can install anything by double clicking the exe and it runs 99.9% of the time.

cybercriminal heavy breathing

platforms because others demand it.


we already have all the free software, im not missing adobe bullshit or other proprietary crap.

i used to care, now i dont give a flying fuck.

if people are too stupid to use a superior and free system, fuck em.

does not work in Linux, like fingerprint sensors.

my xps13 fingerprint sensor works perfectly out of the box…

also why bring up arch? that distro is literally made for thinkerers. you need to compare windows to ubuntu or fedora…

If you are too stupid for your own good it’s not our problem.

Difference is the arch user can probably land a six figure job now.

Back in the day people were really dumb as fuck

But new users don’t even know what snaps are. They don’t care. We care because we are crazy bastards


In fact you might suffer long COVID symptom which vaccinated people that avoided covid don’t have to .

Completely irrelevant to the discussion and a superfluous question to start.