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That works ! Drawing lines when the caster doesn’t know what to do is tight !

How fast can you pull an interesting battlemap and an interesting encounter ?

Because I had DMs making me wait while they cobbled something last minute that we couldnt avoid, meaning they could have planned it in advance with 0 chances of wasting the preps

You know they would paralyse him or charm him or anything and take the shotgun for themselves. Then torture the hobo to know how to make more shells.

Fun fact, its kinda of the gimick in the movie Next, if the hand takes too long he cant see how it goes

The first time I ever used a player backstory was just them meeting a dad of a player on his way. Small moment, gave a few tidbits, simple.

Dont augury take a while to cast ? You gonna need to find games that are slower


This is a twist in a certain movie about honor and stealing people wink

Finally something you said I will appreciate

Someone said : careful with your boss, they have power over you.

You said : silly, my boss is awesome

So now here is my obvious question. What if said boss isnt awesome ? Worst, what is DND turns sour a good relationship like countless others ?

Forget your awesome boss lucky dude and think about bosses in general. Think

Better to be sarcastic than to seriously state the obvious

Because playing with your boss is really stretching your chances of employment

You are lucky. What is silly is you not even seeing it

I know how I can do it. And Im not going to risk finding out my boss cannot do it well.

I have had good and bad bosses. Flying under the radar of bad ones is how you do it. And Im no lt gonna risk turning a good boss into a bad for a game, no matter if that game was the best ever.

That is surviving.

I have met enough players and DMs with whom I disagreed or got their bad side enough time to thank the fact that I was happy I wouldnt meet them at work the next day.

Its the same thing as not working with your lover. If there is something wrong or bad happening at home, you dont wanna keep it going at work afterwards.

But to answer you, yeah I can. Ill torture kobolds instead. /s

Monopoly is fine. Dnd is another beast.

Because if it doesnt go well, they are your boss and sometimes dnd games can go sour fast

Ish. Dont shit where you eat. Its risky to play with coworkers, but really dangerous to play with your boss. I highly advise everyone NOT to do it

Its so good a spell they nerfed its range by 5 ft

Players : DM this is the 4rth wyrmling you threw at us ! Im done with your game unless you stop trying to kill us !

Dm : ok, Ill stop trying.

*puts an Ancient Red Dragon’s token on the table

Proofreading is a fun thing where you can spot easy to spot mistakes

At least most pet stores aren’t managing cunts, so yeah, go for pet stores please

It’s called Tchergrac (It’s the name of my Ancient Red Dragon in my game)

Yup. I will take a player rather than a friend to play. A player will become a friend. A friend might not end up as a ayer

I mean… its possible to play a character that is racist, but like evil characters I wouldnt trust a first time player doing it.

Even Gimli and Legolas were racists after all

Laughts in french

For reals. English is way simpler when compared to french. But Im sure every language has his quirks

For context, they managed to successfully accomplish an impossible task (defeating a Lich with it's minions) to save their tribe's armoury and magical item stash. So their master, an Ancient Red Dragon, will give them an item from his own collection

If you check my comment, I will show you my current Dying condition that I have been able to test on the field. It's 80 % the one from XP to level 3, with a few things changed and actually used in a DND game :) Enjoy

You can of course plan the big lines of the campaign, but the more precise you get and far ahead of the present, the more you will either lose or railroad to not lose. Both suck

So, I found the PERFECT theme song for when my boss fight will start. Let's play a game. [Here it is.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScP5Nv-EhZI&ab_channel=AHMEDGT) Can you guess what my boss is ? Hints : they are level 14, they are 4, and it's still deadly. Answer : ::: spoiler divulgâche A Lich :::

Based on recent posts, I believe that what the players WANT to do should always be number one on so small details. Since you know, they are the ones doing it

Titre, nothing to add, it's just as weird as it sounds but fucking hilarious :)