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Things people have claimed I work for, on the payroll, or are some kind of propaganda agent.

Russian bot: 9

Chinese Communist Party: 6

Central Intelligence Agency: 11

Democrat Party/DNC: 6

Republican Party: 6

Bernie Bro: 9

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Tell me you’re into drone kink without telling me you’re into drone kink. 😆

The d4’s where the numbers are in a cluster are too hard to read. I’ve had to swap them in most games because most players need to second guess any rolls with them.

I’m sure people prefer them in some groups and power to them, but I detest them and if a dice set doesn’t have the other default, I don’t buy em.

Windows helped to bring the concept of an operating system to the masses too. Does that mean it’s impossible to ever ruin it’s reputation?

Even now with more eyes on GNU, Herd still isn’t a serious kernel. BSD has more users and support than GNU Herd.

I thank the GNU community for making wonderful tools and making libre software possible, but it doesn’t exactly deserve top billing.

Linux without GNU can live, with BusyBox or Android. GNU without Linux would have never taken off. Though I’m curious if in another timeline without GNU, Linux might not have taken off, as GNU had all the tools but no kernel.

Linux Mint has a Debian edition available, I’m curious about that one.

If I have to edit in a terminal: micro

If I need to edit something larger, and want a GUI: Kate

Anything else I flirt with and then drop promptly once I can’t find the time to really learn it.

That happens on any mouse. Do you not clean yours? I have had trackballs and standard optical ones. Both get grimey from use, and proper cleaning makes both last longer.

It’s a neat idea, and the name is so good. I even saw on an .onion site that had it told in plain text, and the visuals were ASCII recreations.

There is a (conspiracy) theory that the writer was actually working for a government since a lot of the instructions don’t work, or would potentially kill the person making it. Thus anyone who tried to follow it would not get results or die from making a project at home.

Seeing as it was published in 1971, and the FBI’s COINTELPRO ended that year, it’s not impossible. They hated anarchists and anyone too “un-american”.

That said, zero proof. Hence the conspiracy in conspiracy theory.

StarCraft and God Hand

They have been for decades…

So many people here are butthurt because of a small meme that pokes fun at what 90% of end users experience.

Its not Linux’s fault they can’t take a joke about windows. And yet somehow we are the elitist snowflake gatekeepers, or whatever buzzword they wanna use today.

You sound really upset for someone who’s not mad.