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steamdeck completely changed my opinion.

What do you mean? Did it convince you to keep using KDE or did you go back to another desktop afterwards?

Yep. I use other distros but always come back to the dd command example on Arch Wiki when I make a bootable USB.

They copied the open source project AppGet and screwed the developer. It’s an interesting read.

  1. Any of the issue tracking software (GitHub. JIRA, GitLab etc.)
  2. Any of the documentation software (readthedocs, GitHub wiki, Antora etc.)
  3. Any of the forum style software. Even a Lemmy community would be a million times better for this purpose than Discord.

Discord is probably the best app to chat/call with your gaming buddies but it’s a shit application for issue tracking and documentation.

Yes I watched it in it’s entirety. He talks about it. As in Linux doesn’t do anything if there’s no money involved. How he acted towards Billet Labs in a pathetic way because they were an upcoming small firm with little to no money. Another commentator in this post had already mentioned how he turned from positive to negative towards Intel when Intel stopped paying reviewers. Do you remember when they monitised the fricking apology video on YouTube? Clues are all over the place if you are willing to see with an open eye.

Yep, Gamer Nexus ripped Linus a new one recently. Linus only talks for money. Well proven by the Billet Labs scandal among many others.

Hahah. If the commentor just went “you’re right, I just changed my mind”. That itself would make the OP some pause 😂

I think they aren’t billionaires precisely because they worked for the good of the internet/knowledge.

If they indeed became billionaires that would imply that how they conduct themselves had completely been altered along with their core beliefs.

TIL. Thanks OP. I have been using “vi” followed by “x” followed by “i” all this time.

Israel took more than what’s proposed by the UN. Then has been acquiring and occupying more and more illegally, ever since.


Nah just thought he was treated very poorly by Microsoft.

terrorist threat that has manifested itself time and time again

You mean Israeli occupation inside Palestinian borders?

WinGet is an AppGet rip-off without even a mention of the original creator. I’m still salty about that.

I have had zero problems with Linux so I lack knowledge and am overpaid? You have problems therefore you are paid fairly? Hmm sounds very logical. Any critical infrastructure project would be lucky to have you.

Furthermore, you have told another commentor in this same thread that they reek of incompetence because they have a 7 hour Windows install, yet I am being overpaid because I don’t have any problems in Linux? So a competent developer should breeze through Windows but should struggle in Linux? Is that it? Kinda contradictory don’t you think?

You sound like you have hobbyist level IT nowledge.

Then I should be grateful that my employer is paying me despite my hobbyist level knowledge.

Linux needs constant babysitting? Hmm I wonder why the majority of the internet servers is Linux not Windows. Even in critical infrastructure where stability is valued, not cost.

However you can’t choose a bad distro (bad for your needs that is) ans expect a flawless experience. When I read your first sentence I expected you to be a video editor or in a field where the industry standard software is only limited to Windows. But if your a developer it’s 100% your fault. I am running Linux for over a decade with zero problems. Only time when I had a problem, I was running Arch (btw) and updating the system blindly, daily.

The year of the DESKTOP Linux. Linux has already won everywhere else.

He’s just a troll. I have seen many comments from this person They’re not even consistent in their opinions. Looks as if they make up shit, probably just asking for attention rather than contributing to the discussion.

Also don’t forget that Debian is completely community driven, unlike Redhat’s distros which face some controversy.

US politics affect the rest of humans on the planet so I’d probably say it’s worth paying attention to. But I do like the idea of a separate political memes community so that the people have a choice.

Imagine believing that changing the status quo happens out of the blue without civil political discourse.

Apple: We’re changing everyone’s charging schedules to make electricity 0.00001% greener.

Also Apple: Titanium, so pretty. Even though it’s dirtier to mine.

Bold men everywhere: “surprised pikachu face” That’s it boys, we’ll be made fun of no longer!

They don’t have to be ugly. Check this video out. Looks like a jungle resort in some parts. Could you please honestly tell me that a suburb you see looks prettier than this?


Corporations have the need to continuously add features in order to keep selling their product. So the outcome is more often than not, buggy and resource hungry software. In contrast FOSS doesn’t have the need to add features for the sake of it, so only the genuinely useful features are implemented, usually.

He’s basically the male version of Oprah.

Fuck! Why haven’t I thought about it before! You hit the nail on the head!

It’s overrated in my opinion. It’s tasty but not mind blowing in any way like the internet claims. I’ve had better tasting fried chicken to be honest.

I have never even thought about drivers let alone search for them in Linux. Everything just works out of the box.

The only exception was when I wanted to try a different version of an NVIDIA driver. Ironically the one that worked best was the one that came with Ubuntu and was installed by clicking a checkbox to use proprietary drivers over open source


No more fucked up than the reality.

Billionaires paying the same tax rate as high paying professionals is just fine. And no tax evasion using non-profit facades.

I have both Sync and Infinity (and Voyager) installed side by side and Infinity takes significantly longer to load.

Shouldn’t Infinity have the same polish then? I am a Software Engineer (not front-end though) and I’d be fascinated to learn the technical differences.