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There may be an offensive/gross picture posted in this thread. It was deleted from the thread a while ago but I’m still receiving reports for it. Your instance might not be correctly syncing deletions with the LW instance if you’re still seeing the comment. Sorry in advance if you see it.

I don’t think it’s necessarily a celebration of abuse. I agree that he’s obviously way out of line sending this email.

I think Linus is (was) a complete asshole who lacks interpersonal skills, and this email exemplifies his character. To me, this post shows the mentality of some developers (and leadership) in FOSS and why some folks find it difficult to contribute to open-source software. This post opens up the discussion on that.

FWIW, I’ve received zero reports on this post itself. But I’ve received reports on abusive comments in this post, which I’ve promptly removed. This community is more/less self-moderating and if the post receives a significant positive vote ratio, I don’t think it should be removed by me. It brings an important discussion to the table regarding acceptable behavior in software development.

Me after doing Duolingo for a week

I’ve always found it’s easier to use Stack Overflow or Google than a man page.

Not really. I’ve lived here for ~30 years and certain spots are better, some are worse.

Caffeine pills! You can find them for cheap at most drug stores. Plus you can dose the exact amount you want.

Yep. I also used it a lot when starting on a hill on vehicles without handbrakes.

Yep, but that’s a problem with all package managers where users can publish their own code without auditing. Every app store has these problems. Both npm and pip have these issues too.

People shouldn’t install unvetted binaries from random people. I wouldn’t install random binaries that I’ve downloaded through a web browser—why would installing through snap be any different?

Community support is great. I can search up any problem and instantly find good results, which is not always true for other distros. I use it mostly at work and I want to minimize the time I spend fixing things. Plus, most programs will have out-of-box support (binaries, tests, install instructions, etc) for Ubuntu.

I’ve been using Ubuntu 20.04/22.04 daily for years now without any Snap issues. I haven’t once had any problems and I have 20 snaps installed.

I got a free computer and upgraded the processor to an i7-6700T (eBay) and some old SSDs. It measured around 15W and I haven’t had any problems with it. It is miles ahead of using any Pi or ARM-based SBC. I would really recommend just finding a used computer nearby, if possible. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace has some killer deals.

Nope, Lemmy is just as toxic as Reddit imo.

Ooh, the top left ones are from Ultima Online. Haven’t seen those cursors in a long while.

If you’re on a really steep incline, you’ll have to press both the brake and gas pedal at the same time using your right foot, while feathering the clutch with your left. I’ve heard this called the “heel toe” technique.

If your engine has enough torque or if the hill isn’t steep enough, you can ignore this and just ease off the clutch while transitioning from the brake to gas.

What’re you doing? I’d recommend Mikrotik, since you can do just about anything on it for cheap. It does however have a significant learning curve.

I’m just over politics on the Internet communities. It’s exhausting and becoming increasingly difficult to avoid.

It’s not about being centrist or whatever: I have my side and strangers on the Internet aren’t going to change that. I don’t want to come to Lemmy or Reddit or whatever platform just to be bombarded by pointless political fights. I deal with that enough in the real world.

I don’t believe that getting into e-fights over one’s political view changes anybody’s view on the world—if anything, it makes people more intolerant of one another. I don’t understand why people don’t use that energy towards something meaningful.

To me, it’s because the app is so polished and customizable. Other apps don’t really come close yet, but they might soon.

Working great so far. I’ve noticed a few bugs early on (it would crash when launching, but clearing the data fixed it), but perhaps it’s been resolved now.

Keep it up!

I don’t write books but I’ve helped written a couple textbooks which used LaTeX. I personally use TeXstudio, but there’s many clients out there. If you appreciate beautiful typesetting, you’ll likely enjoy TeX despite its learning curve.

If it’s anything like the old one, you can enable buttons instead of gestures. Almost everything is customizable.

You could setup a “temporary” card with and set the spending limit to something low. Your bank might also offer a similar service.

Recently, I just use whatever comes first to my mind. The last few machines have been egg-related.

At some previous employers, we used fish and salmon (king, sockeye, coho, etc).