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Wait wait, your book wasn’t made of sawdust?

We use septic grinders where I’m from, figured the city would be smart enough to do the same.

Meh, maybe that’s why we’re smart enough to use poop grinders in our septic systems out in the sticks.

What, you didn’t know that’s a thing? God fucking damn, rednecks actually know a thing that city folk don’t!

Aren’t the roaches already pigment at that point?

Am I the only one that caught the legit shellac joke?

Do what you do, but they just crawl back into the walls before they die. F all that, be rid of them outside of the walls.

With my other comment aside, and assuming you’re correct (which sounds absolutely absurd that roaches would clog septic lines), how would you suggest to dispose of the roaches?

Cuz I’m not about to eat them (though the cooking oil and bread makes it tempting…)

If the roaches are so big as to clog up the sanitation system, you’re dealing with the big ones, not the typical little German cockroaches that infest by the thousands.

I really don’t see how the little bastards could clog up a system designed to process my much larger turds.

Edit: Also considering that my trap approach doesn’t use poison at all, shouldn’t the roaches decompose anyways?

Nah, they can’t live long covered in oil/grease.

Insects don’t have lungs, they absorb their oxygen through their skin. When covered in oil (which will eventually happen as they crawl around in there), they can’t absorb oxygen and will eventually perish.

LPT: A really cheap and effective way of getting rid of roaches, without even using poison…
Get a medium to large metal coffee can, or any old metal can I guess. Make sure it's cleaned out and dry to start with, and is *not* rusty. Then get some spray cooking oil and a few scraps of bread. Spray the inside of the can with cooking oil, then drop some bread scraps in there. Now you have a roach trap, set it near where the roaches are generally at their worst, and they'll crawl out of the walls and into the can to get their munch on, but won't be able to crawl back out. Check it every couple or few days or so, eventually the roaches will start piling up and most of them that have been in there for a bit will end up dying because they're covered in the cooking oil and apparently can't absorb oxygen. Take the trap as necessary and either dump it in the toilet and flush them away, or if you have access to a bonfire burn pile, bag the little demons up and burn them. Then clean the can out and reset the trap as necessary. Even with the worst infestations I've ever seen, this tends to eliminate over 99% of them within about two weeks, if not less. A few thoughts about the different approaches between my trap vs poison... If you poison them, then they just go back into your walls and die, further stinking the place up, is more dangerous to people and pets, and honestly isn't even nearly as effective as people would hope. But roaches are simple and stupid. They're really easy to trap, and why the hell would I want them going back into the walls in the first place? Especially when I can just flush them instead?

Why is Mark drinking the [redacted]? 🤔

No no, we can’t allow it to multiply…

Lizards don’t have hair silly. Clearly he’s a robotic wax figure, duh.

Ah, I see now, didn’t notice that at first, thank you.

Am I the only one that noticed 13g on one box and 14g on the other? 🤔

LOL, I approve of the sticker location 😂🤣 👍

Didn’t you get the full pamphlet? They hang over like extended breasts, duh.

Hey, eat your own plate, this one is mine!

And your point is? Maybe I don’t like my food hot. Maybe I wanna talk with my hot date…

I eat at my own pace. As long as I’m not pitching a tent in the restaurant, what’s it matter?

I mean I was gonna eat the plate itself silly.

You mean they throw the plates in the garbage? 🤔

I know right? Like, I paid for that plate, I’m gonna eat that plate…

We’ll just call your local coke dealer, duh.

Every time? How many lung extensions did you get? 🤔

Look further into the comments, someone already emailed them and got a response LOL!

But hey, if you get a response that differs from that, by all means share it. 👍

Long Lung Club!

Yep! I first learned about it from The Bucket List…


Don’t you just love the boxes with the convenient rip-strip thing when the glue is practically always in the wrong spot, making it completely useless…

You forgot the one where he got his junk stuck in a vacuum cleaner…

Can’t say I’ve ever heard of NPR before today, might have been handy to know before I decided to go to the hospital over a large cyst on December 19, 2019, that’s probably where I got it.

Anyways, from Wikipedia…

“The World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 30 January 2020, and a pandemic on 11 March 2020.”

By then I had already got it and had already recovered. When I finally heard about it on the news, I was like ‘well ain’t that fucking cute, a day late and a dollar short’

Reality is this is an English thread, I don’t speak or read whatever language that is.

And don’t tell me to use Google Translate, this phone is degoogled and I ain’t about to change that to read a foreign article when I live in and experienced the USA side of things.

Would you care to translate for the audience?

Shall I assume you don’t live in the USA?

They withheld any information about C-19 to US citizens until into 2020. Yet I found myself sick with ‘influenza’ for Christmas 2019.

That was the closest thing worth calling a ‘hoax’, the fact that it came out in 2019, but the US public wasn’t even made aware of it until later into 2020.

By then people were already sick, and it was spreading out of control. Lockdown was about a joke at that point, they waited too long for lockdown to do a damn thing.

BTW, it didn’t affect me any worse than any other case of a strong cold or the flu, though I totally realize it affected others differently.

I’m broke 2 weeks before I’m broke 2 weeks, then I’m broke 2 more…

Edit: Guess you folks can’t catch a joke. They said lockdown would only be 2 weeks, then 2 more weeks, then on and on and on.

Eventually people had no choice but to get back to living life, working and obtaining groceries and such.

Lockdown itself was about a joke, as if people can live indefinitely without fresh food or earning money to pay the bills.

I dunno, I just pulled some stuff out of the pantry for a silly meme. I’m with ya about the lima beans actually, but for real red beans and rice goes great with sliced sausage, diced ham, seasoning, and a side of cornbread.

No no, they’ve secured the rice, now they’re calling for the sausage. Dinner LOL!

I dunno, maybe it was just sillier in my head.

AM or PM?..

PM acceptable, AM we grab the pitchforks!