Long time linux user and tinkerer. Currently working as a devops engineer. Very positive to the idea of decentralized internet platforms. :)

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Go back to windows is not an option, it’s a really horrible system. I dont see how people can use it without blowing their brains out.

It’s what I expect from these kind of people. Everyone in leadership is there for power, and they are all surrounded by others who benefit from them being in power. Almost all of them are not good people with good hearts.

Humble people with good hearts don’t seek these positions in life. So the conclusion must be that humanity will always be under these kind of leaders.

It’s true, but with Russia or China in charge, it would be even worse.

Dev 101 is not followed in real life… Sadly, caring about code quality is difficult or impossible when you work with others.

Most users actually have enjoyed both systemd and pulseaudio for many years now. They are both some of the best technology we have in the Linux world.

I can’t wait personally and will install it as soon as I can :) If it has some severe flaws, I just log out and log into Gnome or Plasma instead. It’s so simple.

Pop OS is awesome. You should like it a lot. Even the way it looks by default is much better then Ubuntu for sure.

:) Haha, I have had so many bad experiences with shitty managers so it’s kind of a joke alias.

I’m never closing mine as long as it has active users. Please come if it’s a good location for you - western USA. Performance and uptime is really good but you will have some network latency if you are on the other side of the world.

Very cool, the more the better :)

Edit: Not possible to install yet for me.

I use chatgpt a lot and it’s often saving me time, but you could not replace a programmer with it. Your company would be helpless as soon as it’s answer is incorrect or buggy, which it often is.

I view it more like my guide, someone to bounce ideas with and help me do boring tasks like converting one format to another or whatever.

Sometimes it teaches me the correct format for something too and that saves a lot of time.

Yeah many people say that but Ubuntu is not very good in my opinion. Outdated packages, snaps, commercials in the installer and so on. I would pick PopOS any day over that myself. But it’s because I’m really sensitive to those things.

It really is the best system for new people using Linux. Everything is so smooth and nice. Looking forward to the new cosmos desktop that is coming. :)

No, absolutely not dumb at all. I have tried almost all Linux distros myself over the years, and ran them for a while. It’s fun. And maybe you like this one and stick with it.

Either way you will learn new things just by trying it.

If beginner, use PopOS.

If Linux nerd, use Arch.

That’s my guide. I don’t like any other distros. :)

I think noone is surprised that all these big tech companies don’t care about people.

That’s why he is cranky! Now it all makes sense…

What a silly article. Seems to be human nature to point the stick at some group of people you know nothing about, and say they are the problem.

It’s very monty python…