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How the hell do you make an edible microchip

I found your channel through that a couple days back. Didn’t know you were on the fediverse

I too love frolicking while others record me. I am a normal, well adjusted individual.

Files already have computer readable dates that can be used to sort and organize them

Share things you find interesting, you don’t have to be interesting yourself

Are you sure boost calculates it correctly? I remember some llemming trying to do it earlier but said it wasn’t federated correctly since total karma has been a non-goal for devs.

Kagi appeals to the same people who like lemmy. They haven’t done any affiliate marketing that I know of.

Lemmy will replace lemmy. It’s federated and open source by design, so if any corpo manages to take over existing instances, people can just create and move to new ones. Lemmy is the endgame. Lemmy is the final software, the last forum.


ok, maybe if a better software comes along it might replace it. But it’s still safe in theory from corporate takeovers

If it wasn’t for instances, lemmy would just be lemmy.ml, filled with tankies, and unable to handle more than 10K people. You would never have joined.

The reddit exodus only caused people to leave reddit, not join lemmy. There have been dozens of reddit alternatives over the years and many of them were around at the time of the reddit exodus. Why do you think they all failed?


Oh trust me, as someone who’s been on many reddit alternatives, we did absolutely not get the bad side of reddit. Maybe the ugly side, at worst

This ‘instance’ shit is the only reason lemmy got popular in the first place

Really the users of any other editor. We just see you as a bunch of nerds. But you build good stuff

This is one thing that might have let child me actually enjoy camping trips.

Undeniably awesome

Get a consistent style, that mf is more inconsistent than windows.

Consolidate some items, a lot of them are duplicated

It’s called revenge bedtime procrastination

“like windows”? I’ve never reinstalled windows in my life.

It’s so good, we don’t need a society 2

Would be better to save the Baghdad house of wisdom from the mongols

They’re not the same, threadiverse refers to the reddit-like part of the fediverse (lemmy and kbin for now) and there’s definite social barriers between it and other parts of the fediverse.

More like the Aztecs forcibly removing all non-aztecs from all of Mexico, except for a few second class citizens.

There is a lemmyverse, or threadiverse if you prefer

You’re completely off. I don’t even understand what you mean

librepay (which I assume OP is using), lumps donations together automatically to avoid this

Can you explain the premise? I never understood it and it was never properly explained anywhere

Latex doesn’t auto generate citations though, wdym

There’s like 50 of these. If one enshittifies, jump to another.

Though if I was in academia, I wouldn’t mind paying a couple bucks for a high quality one

You may express your creativity, and unique personality, by arbitrarily choosing from the, 
predetermined, list of netflix shows and making it your personality for the next few weeks