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Men desire friendship for its own sake but they never stop considering sex in the equation.

This is literal fake news. Climate change is certainly a thing. Flowers blooming in Antarctica currently is not. Careful about spreading lies if we clothe the truth(climate change) in lies dumb people will think its all lies.


Straight to hell all the way to the bottom of hell with you with nothing to eat until the end of time except mac n raisins.

I don’t know what kind of relationships you’ve had with men

I’m a straight man. If you think I’m being unfair to men I’m not. I’m just capable of looking at myself and others critically and fairly and not bullshitting myself by pretending to cold and saintly virtue. To be without passion or drive is neither virtuous or desirable. I don’t need to research men to understand what it is to be a man especially a young man. I’m sorry you are so confused that you can’t even have this conversation maturely.

You’re talking as if women didn’t have sexual desires and…

I didn’t say they didn’t . I’m not sure why you would think that.

What about asexuals?

The overwhelming majority of men are neither gay nor asexual. My statement is generally correct.

What about men that have respect for their SO and don’t see sex as the final goal?

It’s either the final goal or its on the way there. Young men want sex. Sexual tension is a factor even if neither he nor she sees it as a likely thing. Failing to understand that is liable to lead to failing to apprehend human behavior which often makes no sense if we remove such tension. Men don’t just do things for love they do things for imaginary hypothetical love neither party believes will ever happen. Watch people interact sometime.

Yes. Every man ever views a relationship as a ladder with sex or at the top. Men don’t date without expecting to progress towards sex.

I don’t think the person was saying they would really say that they are saying that they are pointlessly calling out the elephant in the room. As a teenage girl if you aren’t a gargoyle literally every teenage boy is thinking about you sexually because that is the level of hormonal reality. It’s like saying stop talking to me you just have 2 eyes and 2 arms.

It also requires you to skip from page to page. You need a page to search to tell you what page to to go search for what you want to watch

Would you like to look up a graph of home prices over the last century?

Being a landlord isn’t a way for someone who doesn’t have wealth to acquire it. It’s a way to park your existing wealth in quickly appreciating assets preferably purchased from other losers when they lose their asses and collect monthly rent too.

If on day one you have 700k and you purchase an existing property and in 30 days after you rent it out your property is still worth 700k and you are now ahead of the game in 30 days not 30 years.

If you purchased at a reasonable time a year later its worth 750 and you’ve collected 84k 1% of property value per month.

Most owners are in the top 10% to start with.

The right has only 2 sorts. The people who would end democracy and usher in a dark age of fascism and violence and those who would empower them. The ones that seem sane are also your enemies just less obviously offensive. They wont stab you themselves but they will hold you down for the fellow that will.

I’m in the middle of downtown in a small city shops are heavily weighed towards convenience or kick nacks. EG 2 different gift stores and no hardware store. Lots of convenience stores and two specialty markets but only one grocery store and that at least double the cost and 1/100th the selection of the chain stores with the floor space of 7-11.

Looking back small shops always had shitty prices and selection

So a coworker at one point was selling this interesting odds and ends offered me a knife with a lighter on the other side. I did need a knife to open things but I had no real use for a lighter as I don’t smoke but I of course bought it anyway because it was cool. Had this little dial to adjust the size of the flame… Fast forward to later that night bending over with a 6 inch flame coming out of my pocket from the end sticking out.

Half the population has less than 1000 bucks in savings and doesn’t have a degree like an MD that would bump them to the top of the list as far as citizenship elsewhere. How do you propose people make this happen? The people who are most disadvantaged are those who would have the hardest time doing so.

Yep this depends on the store.

LOL companies actually encourage this fake bullshit. It’s called “adding value to the relationship” Bet you didn’t realize that someone putting your canned beans and tampons into paper bags constituted a relationship.

Nearly 1 in 5 drivers or about 42 million people in the US can drive a stick. You have confused your peer group with everyone. Used manual cars are cheaper precisely because they are less in demand and cheaper to maintain to boot. Purportedly quality of automatic varies a lot which older cheaper cars being pretty shit. Remember when people are picking a car not everyone is picking from new mid tier new vehicles or last years models.

If you have the choice between an eco chamber where 10% of people are nazis and say nazi shit to other nazis and normalizing nazism to the point where mainstream gathering places are full of crazy nazi babble and having 15% nazis I would chose to contain the poison.

Do you just not know how lemmy works? This is like blocking someone for posting on multiple subreddits that you happen to subscribe to.

Why would you think access to Twitter users nonsense is in any way an improvement over existing training data let alone enough make spending tens of billions for Twitter a good deal. He bought it because he said stupid shit and when he thought he could back out they were suing him to uphold the deal he made to buy it and they were going to win.