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There were some infamous cases though, even in games that ended up being fucking brilliant. Like Master of Magic.

Remember having to stop mid game and put the next disc in?

Just taking Advanced Functional Programming should be enough.

I have taken such a course, actually, but frankly my NixOS configuration is just a bunch of copy paste from all around the place. I think I could’ve pulled it off before going to college.

It’s a bit sad for Lemmy if 76 downvotes gets you to such a status. But mixing an interpretation of Tolkien with an anti-left message might indeed be one of the best ways to get there.

You might enjoy my other greatest hit:

and the most batshit crazy dumb as a rock thing I’ve read in 2024 so far!

Aww, don’t sell yourself short.

I think at that point all he had was smooth talking.

Like if we could imagine a president who tried to regain his power by usurping, failed and lost all his power, and then somehow is allowed to try again. Aren’t we glad LOTR is just fantasy, that’d be horrible.

Tankies aren’t leftists

Well yeah, and nazis are technically authoritarian centrists, not the far right. These labels are bad and they should feel bad.


Different fella. No idea what his politics are, but probably not very liberal.

Because I don’t like leftists, probably :)

No but seriously, I was thinking of the tankie type there, not all leftists. And wrote lazily. Sorry.

“The Shire at this time had hardly any ‘government.’ Families for the most part managed their own affairs. … The Thain was the master of the Shire-moot, and captain of the Shire-muster and the Hobbitry-in-arms, but as a muster and moot were only held in times of emergency, which no longer occurred, the Thainship had ceased to be more than a nominal dignity.”

Sounds like night-watch libertarianism that had declined to something even more minimal. Which ironically was easily run over by a smooth-talking old man with a broken staff and a pretty small bunch of ruffians. You had one job.

Nobody but tankies understand that.

In Tolkien stories, all the good guys are liberals. Saruman and his uruk-hai are perhaps the most leftist things there are in those stories. Elves are moderate conservatives with some questionable histories.

I guess not:

But also this post is older than Covid-19

Yes, that’s what happens in a minimum wage environment, although not every single time like people have shown in these threads. But when somebody doesn’t start a business, that’s invisible.

What is visible is when an existing business’s costs rise above the minimum wage level. There are plenty of reasons why this could happen, 9/10 of them not being “the C-levels are paid too much”. That’s when they start firing people or just go under which essentially fires everyone.

Perhaps we want a society that don’t have employment for the people who can only work below a minimum wage level. That’s some sort of a decision, I just want to be honest about making that decision.

Good counterpoint, thanks for that.

Haha, got me. Dunno which brain damage was responsible of that.

That video does give good arguments, but to suggest that this is not a controversial issue in economics is perhaps a bit dishonest. Granted, I suppose I suggested that as well.

e: that channel’s Breadtube vs Economics series seem pretty good, thanks for the pointer. Seems like the channel is left-leaning, and this makes me doubly happy. A political left with good knowledge on economics would be a great thing.

Or UBI as we seemed to agree on other part of the thread. Either of these are better solutions than minimum wage.

I agree on UBI. That would be a good solution.

Indeed. That’s exactly what will happen. And then people whose wage level is below the minimum wage will be unemployed.

I don’t know you, but I can guess: it’s almost never the individual’s fault. But we should still look for efficient solutions, not populist non-solutions.

Not sure what you have against minimum wage,

Having bit more than basic education in economics, I suppose.

It’s a fantasy that everyone can be educated to a level above minimum wage.

Is it more or less a fantasy than the fantasy that every employer is able to pay the minimum wage?

You need to learn a skill that leads to a living wage. Demanding politicians to directly do that is pointless, they are absolutely unable to give you that. The only thing they can directly do is set a minimum wage, which is essentially a lie. It doesn’t actually give you a minimum/living wage, instead it makes you completely unemployable if your wage level is between 0-(minimum wage).

As u/nomad mentioned, demanding structures that make getting an education easier or give you safety nets when things go to shit, or basic income/negative tax rates for low incomes is something politicans can do. But don’t demand stupid things like minimum wage, they might actually do those.

Agree with you completely. Now shut up.


5/5 I mean this tracks extremely well irregardless of which side of the fence you are.

KDE/Wayland has become stable for me with AMDGPU only in the last 6 months or so. They seemed to have had a lot of trouble on that.

Sway always worked for me, though.

Sure, some of those are obvious, like Turkey and Hungary. They’ve been on that path for several decades now. Some people in Turkey tried to fix the situation with a failed coup, which made things even worse of course.

I have to note that sometimes the pendulum still swings the other way. For instance, just a year ago, we (Finland) had the most left liberal government we’ve ever had before swinging to the current one – which in turn is the most rightist government we’ve had in 50+ years. Poland just turned back from a rather conservative path that they had followed for quite long to a more liberal one.

India, Italy and Germany I don’t know that much about. Germany also is currently on a rather liberal government, but the next one will probably be more conservative. The recent change seems to stem from Russia’s war in Ukraine, that made everyone more conservative and militaristic out of fear. When the war ends (it should at some point, somehow), I believe/hope the fear can dissipate. Depends a lot on how it ends and if the risk of Russian invasion lingers.

Israel’s government is pretty unpopular in Israel. They might very well vote a very different kind in the next elections, unless Netanjahu can somehow pull a win in Gaza.

Then there’s the population crisis, coming from the boomer generation. People are old. That makes the political and economic situations worse, which in turn makes everything worse. In history, the left has usually been able to capitalize on such misery, but for some reason I don’t quite understand the populist right has been snatching the sentiment.

And then there’s Russia, possibly the most fascistic country on this side of the planet, directly funding and supporting the rise of fascism in Europe. There’s a possible silver lining here too if Russia loses its war: a weakened Russia could mean weakened fascism everywhere.

I’m confident that I am in a bubble and that I’m not fully aware what kind of a bubble it is.

you mean: troll other people’s worldviews?

No, I don’t.

Yeah, I can see how that doesn’t make my comments more trustworthy. Sorry about that. I delete my account once in a while to get a vacation from Lemmy. Then come back when I get the urge to challenge my worldview.

This place is perfect for that.

I’m glad to hear that. Being on Lemmy skews my view of the situation as well, I guess.

And no, I don’t think Antifa is fascistic. Counterproductive sometimes perhaps, but not fascist.

About as far as the authoritarian right is, I’m guessing.

This. Being engorged in a bubble can skew one’s world view pretty badly.

For instance, if you’re only in Lemmy, you might indeed start to think that the world is going to a nazi hell again and the only way to fix that is a communist revolution, comrades. Or if you’re in Twitter, you might start to think that the woke mobsters are ruining the west, or whatever.

If you’re on tiktok or youtube, you’ll get the bubble you taught those things to be.

The center is probably still holding, and normal people in normal life are being normal.

fully fascist world is actually quite good for business

How does this work?