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You have anecdotal claims. They don’t rise to the level of proof that the studies I mentioned do. Your claim is easily proven false, it doesn’t matter if you can’t accept that.

Apparently you didn’t read any of the hundreds of studies mentioned there showing religious people are more charitable.

Delusional. Also Lemmy doesn’t criticize religion, it just promotes hatred for Christianity in the general sense. If the same memes were posted about Muslims moderators would remove them.

Christians and religious people in general make up a substantial portion of charitable work around the work. So I think that easily disproves your claim that they cause nothing but pain.

Really your statement just comes across as childish and uninformed probably because of the large amount of propaganda you consume from places like this.

Why shouldn’t you hate 55%+ of the world? Do you really believe more than half the people in the world contribute nothing but pain?

Also why didn’t you include Jews? They’re the root of Abrahamic religion and currently the “Jewish homeland” is engaging in genocide.

It’s just silly but also worrying that you could have such a skewed view of reality.

Your response makes no sense, I never said they were. I said this meme is inaccurate and that Lemmy embraces hate against Christians.

The people “ranting about cancel culture” are not the generalized group “Christians.” What can you do though? Lemmy fully embraces hate against Christians.