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Will Smith and his dumbass kid did on social media in the days after it. His kid said something like “YEAH! THAT’S HOW WE DO IT OUR FAMILY. AIN’T GONNA MAKE US A BITCH.”

And then Will Smith said something similar in his “apology” that his “bad brain” took over and needed to assert his stance because somebody challenged him.

No better way to sound like an asshole than to revert to knuckle dragging tactics when you’ve not been actually threatened at all.

Naw dawg. You’re just an idiot if you think it was a good idea to assault somebody on national TV for “dominance”. Pathetic.

GA can only collect what you specifically give it (clicks, touches, hovers…etc), so the developer should be able to be very specific here. Using GA by default only collects very basic impression info.