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The worst example was when my SO bought me Red Dead Redemption 2. I sat down, excited to play it, when suddenly it pormpted me to download a HUGE update

Honestly this is the worst. I get 30+GB updates for Rocket League multiple days/week. Fortunately I have fast internet (300+Mbps) but it must be awful for people with slow internet. I mean WTF are they doing? I didn’t realize PS4 had this problem. I thought they had a dedicated chip to handle this sort of thing. Or maybe that was PS5? That’s what we need though, is a dedicated ARM chip that handles that sort of thing while the device is “off”.

Anyway, if you like the Switch, you’ll love the Steam Deck. It’s kinda the same thing but way more “open” (community tools), way more powerful, games are way less expensive and there are way more of them.

Looked into Cosmos but they don’t provide any support outside of exploitative corporate platforms like Reddit, GitHub and Discord… 🤢

Their “app store” is…filled with cryptocurrency junk

I don’t consider that a negative. If you don’t want it, you don’t have to use it. Although being it is a for-profit company there is always the possibility that they start pushing this kind of software.

requiring your own GitHub repo

This isn’t really unusual. Yunohost does the same thing. Presumably to ensure compatibility and ease of use.

The hardware is half as good as a used 1L mini-PC that you can get on Amazon for $170

This really misses the point of the product entirely. It’s intended to be an “out of the box solution” and the hardware purchase funds development. Same goes for something like HomeAssistant yellow. If you have the capacity to build your own from scratch, this product is not for you. I assume the hardware is also intended to be efficient power consumption like a RPi.

Also the OS is FOSS and can be installed on whatever hardware you want.

The Umbrel has an HDMI port hidden inside, so if you want to use it you must cut a hole in the side for it.

Not ideal but I’ve never seen anyone use a server with anything but a web interface. They’re probably just using off the shelf hardware and putting it in a case.

I asked for a refund and was denied since they don’t offer them to anyone. Huge red flag!”

Agreed there.

Why not use literally anything else other than email?

I don’t use anything for email that’s not absolutely necessary.

Funny I just launched Conduit this morning. Seems to work better than Synapse and is supposedly lighter.

I just thought it was funny that they put it on a big sticker on front of the box instead of something like “storage not included” in small print somewhere.

Neither is there if this controller dies…

Yes. There is. Unless the controller decides before it dies to wipe the disks for some reason?

Like the other person said, my response would be “you don’t have 2 sata ports then?”

And like I said to the other person, “No.”

Raid 0 is not a backup, it is barely redundant.

No one is talking about backups.

Just making the best with what I’ve got.

I have not. It seems M.2 SATA drives would be better than SD cards, no?

How would I go about using SD cards?

so why not go for a larger SATA SSD then?

Because there’s no redundancy.

This is a SATA/M.2 to SATA/2.5" adapter. No NVMe.

There is no NVMe in this device. It’s all SATA. The M.2 drives are SATA

Okay well it has non-RAID modes as well…

That’s cool that it has a utility but how would I even access that on a server? And how would I be notified if there was a problem?

External backup is not a possibility.

Seriously? When was the last time you tried to use customer support for absolutely anything? There’s no such thing anymore.

Heat may be an issue if it is very cramped

There is a fan for the SSD.

I’m still leaning towards one large SSD

Then there’s no redundancy.

or perhaps external storage.

I have no way to add external storage. It’s my understanding that USB storage does not work well.

I’m not entirely sure what the benefit of this setup would be over 2 independent SSD’s

The benefit is that I don’t have anywhere to connect 2 SSDs, much less M.2

I couldn’t find any manuals. Nothing that referenced my questions. Thought maybe there was just a “conventional” way that these functioned.

unless you have a bunch of NVMEs sitting around.

SATA, not NVMe.

You’re going to be bottlenecked by SATA speeds

Speed is not a concern for me.

Trying to squeeze some more storage in my MiniPC. I have questions about these. These use hardward RAID with selectable modes (Individual/JBOD/RAID1/RAID2). 1. If I use RAID 1 and one of the drives fails, will I know? 2. If a drive fails, and a slap in a new one, will it internally begin repairing RAID 1 again? 3. Can I use these as "individual" or JBOD and have 2 separate drives through the same connector, and use something like TrueNAS to software-RAID them?

Haha. Yeah I did see that. It’s an interesting product but ARM-based. Meaning it would be excellent for a NAS but not so good for a home server.

They could have written a privacy policy that states unequivocally, and in no uncertain terms, that they don’t sell user data. That should be a top priority for any VPS, because it’s almost the only reason they exist.

the amount of people jumping to the worst possible conclusions on this is concerning.

I mean it is more or less accepted in this day and age that most services are selling your data. Virtually every single one of them are doing it. So it’s a reasonable assumption, I think.

This seems like a knee jerk mob reaction more than anything.

I mean every ToS and privacy policy I’ve ever read is obscenely vague and convoluted, with the exception of the ones that are like “yeah we don’t sell your data”.

So I don’t blame them really.

N100 Mini PC w/ 3xNVMe?
Not sure why this doesn't exist. I don't need 12TB of storage. When I had a Google account I never even crossed 15GB. 1TB should be plenty for myself and my family. I want to use NVMe since it is quieter and smaller. 2230 drives would be ideal. But I want 1 boot drive and 2 x storage drives in RAID. I guess I could potentially just have 2xNVMe and have the boot partition in RAID also? Bonus points if I can use it as a wireless router also.

Help with NGINX? so close…
Hi friends. I'm new to the whole homeserver. I managed to make a ton of progress very quickly using CasaOS but I've been hung up on this for a couple of days now. I have Jellyfin set up and working properly, locally. I configured Namecheap to forward requests from [subdomain] to [WAN]. I have my router set up to port forward requests from [WAN] 80 and 443 to NGINX on [LAN] port 81. I created a proxy host in NGINX to forward requests from [subdomain] to [LAN Server] on [LAN] port 8097 (Jellyfin container). Problem is when I type in [subdomain] into the browser, it takes me to the NGINX login page instead of the Jellyfin server...like it's not forwarding the request? Not really sure what I'm doing wrong here. Any help is appreciated. Potential issue I see is that Jellyfin by default fires up on port 8097 but in the settings defaults HTTP to 8096 and...I'm not really sure why. Going to 8096 returns a "site can't be reached" error.

anyone willing to walk a noob through getting some services running?
I've tried to figure some of this stuff out but I really don't know what I'm doing. Most documentation is written with a vocabulary I don't understand. Tutorials assume a high-level understanding of coding, software, CLI and a bunch of other stuff. So far I've got an old gaming PC with a R7 2700x + 2060 Super and I think maybe it's overkill. I've got TrueNAS running on it but that's about as far as I got... Thinking maybe we can have an open Jitsi meeting and just anyone who needs help can get it (myself included 🙂)? Would anyone be interested in something like that? ----------------------------------------------------------- E: some people have imagined up some things that I said so let me be clear about what I **did not** say: _At no time_ did I **insist, beg, or demand** that anyone help me. I did NOT ask anyone to help with a _specific_ issue, nor should I be required to. I asked if anyone would be willing to help myself and possibly others to get some services running, and I asked to do it in a videoconference setting where we can have a _discussion_ and where you can see what I'm doing as I'm doing it, **out of respect for both of our time.** If you are not interested, you do not need to come in here and announce it, and you sure as shit do not need to speak for anyone else on whether they will want to. Just keep scrolling. E2: special thanks to those who actually reached out and offered to help!