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Although It’s less about guns and more about paying/donating to projects on GPL. If you don’t know where to donate, start with Firefox. Every £ matters

isn’t public debate in text the best tool we have here for an open discussion?

I want to believe this is true but such “best tool” requires substantial amount of resources to enact and maintain. And even then we might simply receive bad rep for overinvolvement

From a user standpoint, I think anyone interested in higher quality moderation should either try !humor@beehaw.org or indeed involve oneself in moderation of this community

In my opinion, random meme is not an appropriate place to discuss moderation in general – it’s unwieldy to have such things plastered all over the community/instance

Additionally, public discussions invite way too many responses on whole array of topics besides issue at hand

Lastly, public debate in text can easily be misrepresented, taken out of context, blown out of proportion etc etc

However this all is only my opinion, given good reasoning, anything could be reconsidered

Because it’s my duty as a moderator. If you don’t agree with it, welcome to my or admin’s DM. Subsequent comments on the topic will be deleted.

We’ll keep this up this time but in the future please avoid reactionary content. Thank you

Don’t bite the bait pls, reporting in this case is best course of action. Thanks

mate, can you please not bait trans folk? thanks