Freedom is a synthetic enterprise, not a natural gift

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They are dropping regional prices, before that you would pay in your regional currency which is far cheaper than paying in USD, plus, a lot of developers don’t care about those regional prices or don’t care to update them, in those cases you end up paying the same as you’d in the US. What in the US may be a sandwich in the third world can be a big portion of your income.

I know it was done but I think they did stuff to prevent this.

I’m from Argentina, we have the cheapest Steam games in the world, and no. There are some old games that have not been updated and the prices are ridiculously cheap for some stuff, specially if it’s an indie title from the 2010-ish, you could probably get to pay 10 pesos, which to give you an idea is the equivalent to a gummy. This doesn’t happen with everything, but still new AAA games tend to be pretty cheap, the most expensive ones are something like 14.000ARS but there are some other AAA that are around 7.000 which is still pretty cheap, and most of the games are around 500.

It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction

There are Iraqi civilians inside the trolley.

I wish the gui would have a Rust backend rather than being chrome, using Tauri it would require a lot less resources

I honestly been buying old games lately just out of fear of shitty companies removing it from the store rather than stuff I would really like to play now. Not that those games are bad and I dont’ want to play them, but I don’t want to only play 20 year old games.

And the reason is the US coup’ed every single one of those experiments.

Socialism is the stage previous to communism when there’s a State in which the proletariat is in power, the purpose of the State is to use its repressive forces by one class over the other to oppress them and keep them in place, capitalism (also called the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie) has the bourgeois as its ruling class and oppresses the proletariat, socialism (also called the dictatorship of the proletariat) utilizes the State to oppress the bourgeoisie until global socialism is achieved, on that point on class society is abolished and the State is dissolved. This late stage is what we call communism.

Yeah, we should chat and try to find someone.

Russians have a true sense of patriotism and love for their people, not like you in the West that send their brothers to die and enslave their own people. This has just made Putin stronger, all of the military supported him and proved his men are loyal. Prigozhin got ousted and Wagner is going to be nationalized, Ukraine didn’t even win any territory in the front lines during all of this because their offensive didn’t even start. If you consider this a lost you are delirious and refuse to analyse reality.

I think you didn’t read the last news, it’s over because Wagner is going back.

I fucking love sparkling water.

[Meta] What do you think?
So now that Lemmy and the community overall are getting a lot of attention, with /c/memes being one of the biggest communities across instances, I think we should be a bit more strict about certain things. I'd like your opinion, though. What do you think about a rule about only allowing images, and that such images need to be uploaded to Lemmy instead of linking to something like Imgur. I think that text and videos are a better fit for some other community (at least until we get something where we are able to play videos within Lemmy).

Sure, I’d do the same, I was just pointing out the level of privilege these people hold.

From my experience even the bottom of the social strata in the US is far better off than some middle-low class in a third world country. I’ve seen people in /r/homeless who own cars, laptops, phones, tents, shit that would sound fucking impossible where I live for a homeless to be honest, so I’m guessing they have some sort of financial support, but I’m just guessing.

Someone please shoot that Fox news bastard in the knees and balls

They’re being sectarian, again.

I would start with the genocide of aborigines maybe.

and weed, its easier to make friends with weed

i dont think its harmful in the sense you wont suddenly die but im sure it fucks u up, so if you can avoid jobs with rotating shifts do it

ay mamasita que la virgen de guadalupe nos ampare y nos guarde