I am a #bibliologer and a #cryptologer. I study the Bible, codes, and ciphers among other things. I enjoy #poetry. I like #neologisms. See top pinned profile post for more info.

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> “Almost as if human can think for themselves and one shouldn’t underestimate their ability to think for themselves.”

You said this after you called a meme about thinking for oneself, ‘stupid.’

No need to play. I already won.

> “… I thought this comment of the professor was an interesting eye opener.”

“For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” (Genesis 3:5)

Having your eyes opened to believe nonsense is the goal of such so-called ‘education’. For all we know the notches were a tally of successful hunts or a scalp tally. Or maybe the notches were to allow a sinew or leather wrapping to adhere to the bone, possibly being used as a handle for a tool. And who trusts a mere picture being held up as scientific evidence of anything?

Delusional people like to read their preconceived notions into everything. The eugenics supremacists in the education racket tell you that your ancestors were cave-dwelling monkeys so you filter artifacts through that lens and confirm that your ancestors were cave-dwelling monkeys.

Anyone who believes that man began living in caves and tried to make a calendar on a bone is an neanderthal cave-dweller’s son.

What I see when you say, "bitcoin miner' [@memes@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/c/memes)

> “doesn’t remotely understand or is willing to acknowledge any benefits of a standardized Education …”

You capitalized ‘education’ as if it were a personal deity. The ‘benefits’ of a standardized education is standardized slaves and worker drones who are compliant and obedient to the state and willingly regurgitate the lies the state teaches them. Wipe the clown makeup off your face.

Some zombies are so mentally damaged by this system that they defend the petty tyrants who brainwashed them. They defend the system that has robbed them of their potential and their humanity.

“The system of education that we use in the United States (and many other nations) is called the Prussian Model. Born of Prussia’s military failings in the Napoleonic Wars, the German kingdom developed an “education” system designed to indoctrinate children, year-by-year, from age 6 to 16, into full compliance with the state and its military leaders. The point was, bluntly, to ensure that “no German soldier would ever disobey an order again.””

“The system worked. To the world’s horror, German soldiers and citizens — despite growing up in what seemed like a liberal democracy — a socialist liberal democracy at that — committed any atrocity asked of them during World War II.”

“The Prussian Model largely explains why American and British schools are so often staffed by compliant rule followers and petty tyrants.”