Troll honeypot, apparently.

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worthless failure can be part of the diagnostic criteria. (not really but somewhat) you may still want to talk with a professional. you have likely developed coping strategies.

Excalidraw is nice. Also, I want to throw in a mention for mermaid.live (mermaid js). A little less flexiblity but it’s nice. There’s also kroki.io which hosts a lot of these types of apps.

Or, you could just pick one computer, have it do the work and punish it by taking its money if it screws up (ETH).

But yeah you’re not wrong about minable coins.

Sure, I just hate moving from mouse to keyboard every few seconds as I code.

result: Very intuitive like vim.

  1. gg - top of the file
  2. /un - find “un” place cursor at u
  3. 2x - remove 2 characters
  4. ?- - search backwards for the character -
  5. d/like - delete everything up until the characters like

See, intuitive!

With great power comes great responsibility!

Would these people actually be billionaires though? Seems to me many of them would put that money to good use instead.

I like to run vim inside windows as a launcher. I just use :!VSCode.exe to launch VS code from Vim. It’s nice this way because I can use VSCode Vim bindings and then enter terminal in VSCode to launch vim, which i use primarily in terminal.

Someone needs to watch some Snowden.

What? All I am seeing is stars. That’s how I know you entered your password correctly. Passwords entered via this form input are automatically masked as stars.

with great power comes great responsibility!

is this what it means to “own the libs”?

If by daddy you mean business daddy, then yes, business daddies are usually rich.

Oh, vim. I wish I knew how to quit you.

oh god it me.

I’m only now trying to Ctrl-R my way out of this mess.

“But anyway gary you did a great job on the company website.”