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Striker funds in the US we can donate to?
I am looking to contribute to striker funds, if possible. I am located in the US, hence why I choose it. I am hoping for striker funds that would be effective enough to make change. In other words, they may be the last thing a group of workers needed to decide to strike. I am hoping the fund is efficient in managing its funds, rather than a significant fraction going to administrative costs. Very preferred if the fund's financials are fully transparent. Any recommendations?

Not just the pricing, but also the low footprint, tiny size and fanlessness.

Be careful that sometimes these providers will shut you down for hosting media servers. Even if your content is not illegally obtained.

Image Alt Text: "After downloading a 2.5GB movie Me: Presses play Movie unsupported file" A person is shown with eyes on her laptop punching the wall beside her, causing it to crack.

Red one gives you both. Literally. Just buy Bitcoin or something.

There’s 4ft.io too. Oh nvm looks like it’s gone.

Hot take: AI good. Every mentioned problem with AI actually stems from capitalism.

I have it on WiFi unfortunately.

If I put it the server on Ethernet, would it no longer impact the WiFi connection of any other device? I guess it makes sense that it wouldn’t.

Extending Ethernet to the server won’t be trivial, but I think you’re right I might have to do it.

That’s part of my concern behind going with local setup. I have a lot of unused HDD storage.

Downsides of self hosting fediverse from homelab / locally?
I am wanting to self host a fediverse instance. I don't hope to make it big. Hoping for 200 users at most, and I won't advertise it heavily so it'll probably be a while before it gets there. Is it a bad idea to host something like this on local hardware at home? I have a lot of local-only self hosted services, and I wouldn't want those to be compromised. But my biggest fear is overloading my network. I already don't get the fastest signal in some parts of my house, and I am worried the extra traffic might put more pressure on the network. What are your thoughts on hosting local? Should I just avoid the headache and host on public instance?

I am yet to see the point of this. Does this offer anything that gitea doesn’t?

Affordable MiniPC / SBC for self hosting? Will connect to 1x SSD and 2x HDD.
Something small and 2 or 4 GB RAM. Raspberry pi's compute power is good enough for me, I'm not doing anything too intensive. Is raspberry pi 4 still the best answer? I am a tinkerer and don't mind tinkering. I typically use Gentoo Linux as main OS. I also don't mind ARM or other architectures. I've been eyeing the RockPro64 as well.

While true, apple remains the bigger hurdle here. They don’t seem even willing to cooperate.

I use podman, even when I started out. But I am a tinkerer. I think for the average beginner, docker will be easier as so much out there assumes you are using Docker only, and hard codes it. Unless you wanna deal with that, use Docker.

There are still a lot of gun homocides. Mass shootings are only part of the story.

I pirated all mine.

It’s actually not bad, surprisingly. I have had issues sometimes, but they’re network issues related to my router. I haven’t had them in a while.

So I already host a lot of stuff on a raspberry pi 4B. But when I tried to host Jellyfin, encoding was trouble on it, so I used my desktop to host Jellyfin as a quick solution, but using sshfs from the raspberry pi to access the media files. So now I wonder, is it worth it moving Jellyfin to something else? Is it worth it moving the media files to the desktop?

Alt text: they hate to see me win. Good thing I don't.

Use desktop to self-host?
Is it a bad idea to use my desktop to self host? What are the disadvantages?? Can they be overcome? I use it primarily for programming, sometimes gaming and browsing.

It is truly not clear that what OP is saying is the explanation you gave, so it was valid to question it.

In any case, “the situation is complex!” is not argument. You have to explain why the person’s view is an over simplification. Declaring that an issue is complex is not enough. There are many complex issues where “X is evil” is still a valid view. Example: WW2 and Nazi Germany.

I doubt there’s any. There’s not a good definition of a “political meme” that wouldn’t have many people disagreeing whether certain memes are political or not, hence breeding power trip mods and bias. Most likely, it’ll just be allowing the political memes that agree with mods opinions, or are status quo to the mods, and hence not seemingly “political” even if it is.

But if you find one, please comment it here. I’d love to see it.

No. What makes you feel like you’re in kindergarten?

Sorry but that’s a ban. I’ll make it a temp ban this time, but please don’t do this again or I’ll have to make it permanent.

Nothing against people who prefer meat substitutes. But I do think they should be brave and just abandon meat altogether. If you keep relying on meat substitutes, you haven’t let go of meat entirely, I found it easy to get back to meat eating.

Overspiced? Not really.

No it is not their business to genocide ethnic and religious minorities lmao. Would you say the same about the Nazis too? was the US justified in genociding native americans also? ridiculous.

Forced expulsion is dtill inside their own country

yes it is. I hope you dont mean that this makes it better. I may be failing to understand this genocide sympathizer logic.

So you take them down with a genocide yourself?

No. The only one committing genocide at the moment and in this conflict is Israel itself.

as I already said above, it is because it is an ethnoreligious state that excludes people of other ethnicities (Arabs, Africans, etc) and other religions (Muslims, Christians, etc). It has engaged in massacre and forced expulsion of those people, so it must be taken down and the genocide must cease.

Israel is by its own definition the Zionist state founded on religious exclusivism. An ethnocentric state in a land inhabited by other religions and ethnicities. It should absolutely be taken down.

religious war

Israel is not Judaism.

They previously presented as fact. Now they’re saying they can’t confirm it and cannot present any evidence. I don’t believe they have to spell out “we lied” for it to be obvious.

Did I say I support the status quo? No, I did not.

You have opposed any change to the status quo. What else would that make you?

I’d say the same damn thing if I ever found out that people who lived under the holocaust harmed random people in the streets of Germany.

The resistance against Nazi Germany actually had far far more civilian casualties than Palestine’s resistance against Israel, despite the fact that the Palestinian cause has been ongoing for way longer. Did you really not know this? I must be misunderstanding you, or maybe you misspoke. I thought they teach about this extensively in the US

By supporting the status quo, you are supporting the murder of civilians involved in said status quo. No worries though, its not surprising from westerners. Been doing it for centuries now.

to add to the other comment, I think mods can still power trip here. Though I think there’s one thing protecting from that: the instance admins can reassign the mods. And though it is technically the same as reddit, in reality your instance admins are way more responsive that Reddit admins.

No need to apologize. I understand you’ve made up your mind already, but the facts are clear, and others reading my comment can cross what I said with the video to compare and verify me.

“both sides” is a meaningless stance. What are you recommending, other than maintaining the status quo of massacre and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians? Of slow death and suffocation? What are Palestinians to do but resist?

Biden said

No offense, but that’s all the reason not to believe it. “Guys I have proof! I won’t show you but trust me bro, I’ve seen it!”

Thanks for the link! I assume you’re speaking about the part between 1:30 and 1:40. a person wearing black appeared behind the lines of Palestinian forces. This would be pretty alarming to the fighters, as the person in black could be undercover or off duty soldier. The person was probably yelled at and told to get down, but proceeded to move in the wrong direction (could be language barrier). It seems that this is when someone opened fire, but you can see smoke appears on the ground noticeably far from the person. This means whoever was shooting shot at the ground, to alert the person in black. It was immediately after that that the person in black dropped to the ground.

Most likely, they dropped not because they got shot and killed, but because they complied after being warned with the gunshots. If you’re shooting to kill, you wouldn’t be shooting on the ground far from the person, or even their legs. Moreover, if you look close and zoom in, the person is seen moving after they drop right before the clip ends, indicating they’re probably still alive, and the video clip ends immediately after.

Can you please share a link to the video, or point me to where I can find it? I am open to changing my mind.

Thanks for being open minded and reading through! Even if it’s through a biased eye and a bit of a snarky reply, I still appreciate it. I hope that you open up and consider the sources presented with an open mind.

I’ll be looking forward to your assessment when you’re done, and I’ll do my best to receive it with an open mind as well.

Looking for self-hosted task / to-do list with custom sort and custom attributes? With command-line and Android or web client
Hello friends, I am looking for a self-hosted task / to-do list app that supports: - syncing across devices, preferably self-hosted - sort items myself rather than by deadline or built-in priority features, and preserve that order when syncing - allow defining arbitrary custom attributes Some really nice to haves but not absolutely necessary features: - treat custom attributes as first-class. i.e. allow showing those attributes on the task-list view, without having to view all details to see it. Or be able to filter or by the attribute or sort by it. - allow custom logic for sorting - just scriptable features in general would be nice I have been thinking of making my own, but wanted to see if this exists first.

Which to host for a single user instance: lemmy or kbin (or others)?
what is better for single user instance, or maybe something small like under 10 users (no communities)? which is lighter on resources? how much storage should I allocate? any alternatives to lemmy and kbin that are still somewhat similar?