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??? are you just resorting to bringing up completely unrelated shit to escape embarrassment? I imagined context could make it clear but mentioning “former communist countries” I was speaking of communist countries in history which formerly existed, but now no longer exist. If I meant countries which were communist but now aren’t, I would have specified “formerly communist countries”. Why would you even think it was implying that a country being communist in the past means it’s leftist in the present? How do you reason that?

Edit: lol apparently @cypherpunks@lemmy.ml or an admin is removing the replies because they speak of Lenin’s Gulags, dekulakization, and Mao’s Laogai. Funny what kind of comments get removed by .ml mods; apparently not comments trying to suddenly bring antisemitism into the conversation, and not comments pretending that saying sometimes in history leftist governments have interned kids means I must both be anti-leftist and making excuses for the US’ treatment of immigrants.

How do you, with a straight face, say “criticizing a communist leader/government means you hate jews”? You are simply resorting to making up “you’re an antisemite” out of thin air to invalidate others. I have literally not once mentioned judaism. I don’t even know if I’ve mentioned jews in my entire comment history before you randomly started blaming jews for alleged “anticommunism”.

You are using discrimination against jews as a tool to attempt silencing others. You accusing everyone else of being an “antisemite” is your way of avoiding your own responsibility and putting others in a box. Let me guess, you support the Israeli genocide of Palestinians and use “antisemite” to defend it too?

I don’t remember a time where kidnapping people and putting them into concentration camps away from their families made something not left, actually it seems pretty common in former and current communist countries lol…

but actually i meant “slightly more left” in the sense of economic-social matters, not… killing or kidnapping people matters. he has done quite a lot to improve social services and lessen the financial fuckedness of many government programs, for example.

The only things that the Biden administration has done that’s bad is genocide obviously, but a little genocide never hurt anybody… I guess you could try blaming him for inflation or gas prices, or the fallout of COVID-19, but that would be kind of dumb

You can, of course, say he hasn’t done enough, which wouldn’t be wrong, but the things he’s done have had a pretty positive effect on the country and have brought us at least a little closer to the left – even with an opposing congress. I can’t say I like how he treats, say, nationalism and the Middle East, but he’s at least somewhat redeemed himself from just being a “moderate Republican” I would say. At least his administration has brought in officials who are tougher on corporations, even if he’s still a corporate Democrat.

yea but unless you think you can convince half the population to chop every billionaire’s head off we’ll just have to deal with it until we die of climate change

Apparently he actually died in his car 2 days after a fruitless police raid, allegedly of “heart attack”.

Compared to Japan, I mean yeah. Living in Japan & South Korea is absolutely hell, they’re probably some of the most conservative governments/societies in the world, certainly the most conservative in the first world.

Russia has pretty high gun ownership… comparable to Europe/Australia and not far from Canada. The US has like 4x the guns per capita as the next highest countries, and it’s far from the most free.

I don’t think 15:1 is needed, I think 10:1 or even 5:1 would be fine. The limiting factor then is just ammo

late gen z and early millennials

massive correlation with being trans, and being super adhd/asd/french/some other mental disorder (having one disorder means you have a strong possibility of having others, they’re all extremely tied into each other, including gender dysphoria) which are things that cause you to be significantly more likely to spend a majority of your time on the internet and on obscure/nerdy/highly derived forums for various complicated and straightforward reasons.

being a social outcast also may push people towards corners of the internet, and trans people are often social outcasts even if they don’t have some other disability causing them to be (especially those from more rural/more conservative or religious areas)

My guy, Italian politicians literally publicly idolize the good ol’ days of Mussolini, and talk about Mussolini in a positive light, I think that’s worthy of the title fascist since they’re praising the guy who CREATED FASCISM. The current PM is just a fascist.

And Putin, Orbán, Modi, the AfD are incredibly undeniably fascist. Or at the very least Modi and Orbán are fascist-adjacent (Modi is a sort of Nazi but for Hindus instead of Germans).

I don’t know enough about Dutch politics/politicians to speak of it. But afaik they’re going down a similar path as Germany, Sweden, etc. but even more pronounced. Argentina I don’t know if the word “fascist” is accurate at all but the new president is certainly very far-right.

And in the US Republicans are descending towards fascism, they’ve already taken many of our rights and are in the process of taking more fundamental rights, the things the most popular Republicans publicly preach about and have like half the country’s support over is sickening. The only reason we’re not balls deep into stripping away the rights of anyone who doesn’t fit into the majority categories (christian, white, straight/cis, male) is because Democrats exist (even though elected Democrats just play the “moderate Republican” and are complicit in the current state of the country).