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Network Engineer > Network Architect > Network King

Legend says he can identify the usable IP range before witnessing the subnet mask.

In your part of the world there’s no cops, no one owns firearms, and there’s just no crime?

Absolutely not, I’m all for defunding the police but if your idea of a peaceful country doesn’t involve someone owning and being willing to defend themselves with firearms you’re just living in a fantasy where crime just magically doesn’t exist.

I mean idk about Jinx, she’s more or less just a traumatized wreck with huge guns than anything, but Vi absolutely. Caitlin will get there but her upper crust naivete that’s never been challenged until she goes to Zahn kinda stifles that. Hoping she gets a bigger dose of reality and it changes her character more significantly (just not enough screentime in the last part, really) in season 2.

quietly ignores Rebel Moon and her abysmal performance, and not just the writing either.

No, they’re saying that as a person they don’t really care about it when relating to characters. We experience things as human beings, not by sexual orientation or sexual identification.

Unless the specific human experience is related to sex/gender in some way, we feel what others feel and relate to them based on the character work and related narrative elements. Not just “is man/woman, please relate.”

Maybe people just don’t find the same meme posted 309 times to be that interesting of content.

Still Beans face is 99% of the reason for even using the meme. Without it the image just looks like two people sitting side by side instead of the cheating.

True but they were back before the election and those same conservatives he appointed told him to cram his election fraud narrative.

Plus it’s just in favor of conservatives, not stacked completely.

Yeah I’ve noticed I’m spending less and less time here the more every community either devolves into doom and gloom politics or Linux.

Reddit sucks, Tildes is too small to matter, but Lemmy just doesn’t have any kind of variety whatsoever. The niche communities all died out in June after the people who thought they’d be kick starting them for the reddit Exodus had to carry them with no conversation or posts, and now it’s just this shit in every community.

Ah yes, a Vice article from 2016. Absolute pinnacle of the understanding of law.

If this had even a shred of truth there would have already been dozens of class action lawsuits from people like OP.

No, it’s not. That’s an impossible standard for the company to hold.

You buy the product under the assessment that you will void the warranty by doing XYZ, if you want that level of access you have made changes that could have damaged the battery and they don’t have the time to grill every wannabe tech douche to make sure they didn’t fuck up the device themselves.

They tell you what you can and can’t do with the product AND still receive support up front, case closed.

None of which exist currently and won’t be planned until after the overthrow of the system has resulted in another power grab and we end up in the same situation with a different hierarchy.


Seriously though, anarchy and whatever it means to you is purely theoretical in nature. “Anarchy is insert thing that’s never existed and OP can’t even explain in detail” is a useless statement, all you’re saying is it’s not what we have now and somehow it won’t have any kind of vertical elevation of humans above one another.

We can all create fantasy utopias in our heads and claim they are or aren’t whatever we want.

He used to be a straight up IT support style channel that had a bunch of useful information about troubleshooting and configuration.

Now it’s just “watch us build our 5,837th gaming PC from Wish.com!” He’s officially gotten to the point where he has more money than ideas.

If you ever go into the desktop to do anything at all I’d say you’re getting the Arch Linux experience.

Exactly, appropriating means to take and pretend you invented it or created it. Interacting with culture or enjoying other people’s culture isn’t harmful and if these people actually went to other countries they’d realize their people WANT to share their culture.

No one falls on a sword for people who didn’t ask like left leaning white women in first world countries.

As if I don’t know about it already.

Wait until you learn about British colonialism.

Growing will also bring an increased attack surface and justification for writing malware for Linux due to market adoption.

It’s not all good, there is going to be an increased security vulnerability along with it.

Funny cause Henry George keeps hitting the nail on the head from over a century ago.

I wish we called them VI’s. It was a good distinction in their ability.

Though honestly I think our AI is more advanced in conversation than a VI in ME.

To make the analogy actually comparable the human in question would need to be learning about it for the first time (which is analogous to the training data) and in that case you absolutely could convince the small child of that. Not only would they believe it if told enough times by an authority figure, you could convince them that the colors we see are different as well, or something along the lines of giving them bad data.

A fully trained AI will tell you that you’re wrong if you told it the sky was orange, it’s not going to just believe you and start claiming it to everyone else it interacts with. It’s been trained to know the sky is blue and won’t deviate from that outside of having its training data modified. Which is like brainwashing an adult human, in which case yeah you absolutely could have them convinced the sky is orange. We’ve got plenty of information on gaslighting, high control group and POW psychology to back that up too.

Yeah I studied CS and work in IT Ops, I’m not claiming this shit is Cortana from Halo, but it’s also not NFTs. If you can’t see the value you haven’t used it for anything serious, cause it’s taking jobs left and right.

People who don’t understand or use AI think it’s less capable than it is and claim it’s not AGI (which no one else was saying anyways) and try to make it seem like it’s less valuable because it’s “just using datasets to extrapolate, it doesn’t actually think.”

Guess what you’re doing right now when you “think” about something? That’s right, you’re calling up the thousands of experiences that make up your “training data” and using it to extrapolate on what actions you should take based on said data.

You know how to parallel park because you’ve assimilated road laws, your muscle memory, and the knowledge of your cars wheelbase into a single action. AI just doesn’t have sapience and therefore cannot act without input, but the process it does things with is functionally similar to how we make decisions, the difference is the training data gets input within seconds as opposed to being built over a lifetime.

Pascal’s wager doesn’t even attempt to make a philosophical argument for God’s existence, and it only works if you assume a singular god. Of course in this case it’s Christianity.

So let’s say someone agrees that it’s better to worship a god on the off chance they exist than to not do so and end up in hell, now what? Where do I go from here? You’ve opened up a can of worms because now I have to decide what the logical choice is (since PW only relies purely on logic) in which god to choose.

The “logical choice” only works when you have a singular alternative, but if you have a dozen different gods to choose from then everything falls apart. The only logical thing to do is to worship the god with the worst hell, on the off chance that they are the one true God. At least you spared yourself from that.

In the end though the wager essentially only sees/works with atheism and one religion, which is why it’s so flawed. The moment you introduce multiple religions to a coin toss logic scenario it fails to work.

Except it does correlate meaningfully, don’t believe me? Break your index finger, does it hurt? No shit.

That’s not to say the nervous system can’t create pain that has no source, the entire condition of fibromyalgia is evidence of that possibility, but to say they aren’t meaningfully correlated is insane.

Most people who have pain unrelated to medical diagnosis in their 30’s and 40’s are fat as hell, eat like crap, and get no exercise, and are constantly dehydrated. That’s why they hurt so damn much.

I wonder if complete sedentary lifestyles correlate with inflammation, stress on joints, and overall negative health outcomes?

Hmmm… If only there were studies on such a thing.

Manufacturing is usually urban, and last I checked that’s where most blue is. Farming and agriculture is red, sure.

Military is split, infantry probably skews red but the AF seems mixed and the Navy is pretty liberal in my experience.

I hated it at first but by the end I was singing it unironically.

Sir, this is Lemmy. People treat the applications and hardware you use with ethical alignment and switching to FOSS literally has approval on the level of religious conversion.

It’s no wonder people around here care so much about random people’s opinions, the place practically filters for it.

The sentence… Is woof.

Nah, the word problems suck because they’re intended to teach you how to convert word problems into math problems. They did absolutely nothing to show how math is used in real world scenarios.

Funny, I still have yet to see ads or performance changes and I’ve been using Vivaldi with no ad blocker but the built in one.

Guess that answers whether it has a better ad blocker than Brave.

I didn’t say group 2 did it accidentally, I said they pretend that the specific skillset required to install Arch via terminal somehow means they’re certified professional IT.

All you know is how to use a CLI specifically with Linux syntax, that’s a good start but it’s somewhat like pretending you’re a mechanic because you know how to change a tire.

Fabric friction creates static charge, so it would be worse.