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if this happens, it’s not good for OP xD

he thinks exactly how a GOP canidate thinks about student loans, health care,…etc

You also just have to cope with whatever broken glitches there are in the game and find a way around them because aint no patch no hotfix no nothing is coming to save you

I wish you answer me one more question. I bought games on steam that later found they’re “Windows only”. I can’t play these games on the steam I installed on my linux pc. I can only play them on the steam of my windows pc.

Can I play them on linux using Proton? If yes, then this might allow me remove windows from my life completely

I thought proton is an email/vpn company, do they have a gaming client like steam?

ubuntu has firewall protection already to go. I heard if you used debian you have to install UFW or other things on your own

you know you can uninstall and purge snap and everything related to it and still use Ubuntu

"An official xcreeted this morning in response to the allegations saying Uuaauahagh.