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It was never an anonymous form of payment. And you didn’t hear it from me, but a certain agency has nearly the whole thing mapped to real people (when possible). There’s a whole division dedicated to it.

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Who clicks ads? I don’t think I’ve ever clicked a single ad on purpose

Fuck you OP for that title, I can’t unsee it.

It’s basically cream of mushroom I guess…

News sites are using AI recently, there’s a high chance no CNN employee even read that article.

From 2020? This could be straight from 2009

Yeah, if you ignore the mystery 3rd hand bursting out of his chest.

On the “choose all the squares that contain _____” there’s a heatmap so if roughly 40% or more of people agree on a square you’ll pass.

Data shouldn’t ever just be on one device

Git gut.

It’s not matter of intelligence, it’s a matter of importance.

It wasn’t the cops that shot civilians, take 30 seconds to skim the page.

I’m just so confused over the time-limited “premium” currency that you can only buy with in-game cash.

Well you have me- from proto-european which means to measure.

Then you have metrical (metricus/metrikos from Latin/Greek) that means to measure rhythm in poetry.

Mētrum/Metron again from Latin/Greek meaning “measure, length, size, limit, proportion”

Then “metre” which is originally a unit of length. Then you have a “metre stick” which is a stick used to measure a metre. You can blame the French for basically calling it a “measurement stick” but it refers to a very specific measurement.

Then you have the -or suffix in Latin which means “to have to do with” or “to pertain to”. Then that turns in to -re and -er in Old English.

And like everything else - Brittan used both for centuries before deciding one was “right” and everyone else is at fault for the other way (just like how “Soccer” is a British term). Famously Shakespeare used both -re and -er.

Lastly, the US uses the metric system for its professions. It’s layman’s terms that don’t use metric.

Blame the French actually, they invaded and screwed everything up beyond repair.

I’m guessing it was someone doing translations, getting confused, playing it safe, and accidentally recreating Old English.

This is either Chinese or Japanese on the sign. But Japanese derrived from Chinese so both langues have the same origin for a lot of words:

Male 男 is a compound word of Field and Strength.

Woman 女 is a pictogram of a woman with breasts kneeling. A bit easier to see in the non-modern symbol. And pretty blatant when you compare it to the modern symbol for mother 母 which is taking the old symbol and adding two nipples.

So nothing in the original language for this translation error to make sense.

But English has roots for “feman” to technically make sense. In Old English there used to be “man” meaning “person” and “wif” meaning “female”. This turned in to “wifman” meaning woman. Recently “wif” turned into “wife” and “wifman” turned in to “woman”.

In their language there are two distinct words for “woman” and “man” so when they got “male” for 男 they went “ok cool now on to 女”, and got “female”. Now that’s basically the same word… So they backed up and retranslated 男 to “man”… Then got “woman” for 女.

Now pretty unsure they looked up “man” and got that it could just mean “person”. Then they put “male” “man” for male person. Then they got really confused and instead of “female” “man” for “female person” they cut out the “male” and put “fe” “man” essentially re-inventing the word “wifman”.

And finally somewhere along the way they found out about prefixes which fe- kinda acts like so that’s why there’s a space in “male man” and no space in “feman”

Is listening to the radio still popular in Sweden or is it dying off like in the US?

Workout for 45 minutes at any point before 6pm

3am is an “ungodly hour” no matter your sleep schedule

You fly to cities/airports, not countries. There’s no way people are screwing that up.

Because algae is an ecological nightmare. OP doesn’t know what they’re suggesting.

  • For it to grow you need an excess of something like nitrogen in your water supply

  • It’s nearly impossible to cull

  • It is commonly toxic

  • If the bloom is big enough it will block all sunlight from entering the water. Killing off everything else that makes oxygen in the water. Algea releases oxygen into the air so everything in the water will use the remaining oxygen and suffocate.

  • If a bloom dies, the microbes that decompose it use more oxygen than the algae gives off in the first place. Again suffocating fish and anything else in that water.

Nah, competitive Pokemon requires like 3 of the modern games.

That’s delusional.

Different plants have different macros. Ofc there are plants with high protein but don’t go around spouting carrots and fruit are a balanced diet. You need beans, legumes, nuts, etc.