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Oh yeah, I must be trolling because I’m calling you out as a virtue signalling douchebag.

You are start shit because of a joke.

I bet you wouldn’t be so “offended” if the joke was, if They disagree, tell them to check their white privilege.

It’s a joke when it’s against group A and a statement when against group B. You are a hypocrite and a shithead.

You are literally speaking for another demographic without being part of it. This is minority-splaining.

Could you project your privilege any harder?

Oh grow the fuck up would you and quit the offended on behalf of others shtick.

OPs post was not transphobic in the slightest. You’re just a shit head trying to manufacture drama.

You are not looking for civil discussion so don’t try and sell me that pile of horseshit either. You are trying to create drama and are acting like a cliche virtual signalling douchebag.

Wow, you must be a joy to spend time with. 🙄

OP is European. $38,00 is how Americans would write $38.00

OP is saying the cost is 38 dollars.

Don’t bullshit me. I know how you lot operate. I’m not interested in your playing possum in an attempt to appear to be the victim either.

Communist aren’t interested in knowing the views of others. They are only interested in imposing their view of “socialist ideals” onto others.

You’re not genuinely curious. You are looking for the person’s view point so you can dismiss, ridicule and rebuff it with some half assed bullshit commie revisionism propaganda.

That’s what you lot do, you lie and take advantage of the disadvantaged. That is the REALITY of what Communism is. I don’t give two shits about your 1st year political science student’s view of Das Kapital.

It’s had over 100 years to prove it doesn’t lead to authoritarianism, brutality and oppression. And it has proved the opposite every fucking time.

Oppressing people is like 90% of what Communists do. The other 10% is lying about everything.

Fucking wrong again you tankie parasite. Decriminalisation of Homosexuality:

France 1871 - Canada 1969 - Australia 1984 - New Zealand 1986 - West Germany 1968 - United Kingdom 1967 - United States 1962 (Started and varies by state).

So again you are full of shit you tankie shill.

Doesn’t work that way ya brain dead tankie drone.

But guess what does? Ya tankie social credit score. Sooo, projection much?


What, you are serious?


Ah yes, of course. Make a comment against tankies and the inevitable lowbrow ad hominem reply of “hurr durr tankie live rent free in head” will appear somewhere.

Let me give you a slow golf clap. 👏

Thankfully they only know how to screech and not read.

That’s a really interesting piece of trivia. I didn’t know that. Thanks for sharing.

You sound like a fun and cheerful person to be around.

The ship from 2001 A Space Odyssey is feasible. Barring the psychotic AI… for now.

Kubrick actually hired two people from NASA to consult on its design.

Tankies living genocide to genocide.

Is an apologist for toxic tankie communities. Check

Uses whataboutism to justify toxicity. Check

Implies anyone who disagrees is a nazi. Check

Yeah we got a tankie bootlicker right here. Feel free to point and laugh everyone.

I suggest you listen to this reply OP. Bureaucrats are petty people who are quick to anger and subtle in their vengeance.