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Accountability is not a strong suit of slimy weasels in the world.

A preferable (1000x) source would be an actual expert, Gamers Nexus. He reviews cooling solutions and thermal pastes probably more than anyone else, and he benchmarks many models.

Did you consider this earth shattering idea of replacing shitty stock fans with actually good fans? Or mounting atop good fans?

I have tried to drive people away from watching History Channel due to what it instills in people’s heads. It has a load of Anglo supremacist propaganda, especially USA. They have a program they run on it for Indians, so India gets their 1% share of respect, and they feel they are together with the Anglo “tribe”, and not like those Egyptian/Chinese “aliens”.

Ah yes, all Russians are brainwashed

- a brainwashed subject of Western genocidal dictatorships with a democracy mask

I have tried to call out anonymity abusers and “freezepeach” irresponsible assholes in privacy community for a while, being in the community for years now as a known privacy guide writer. I think the only way this selfish ignoramus community will ever listen is when they suffer due to these insufferable sewage rats that love to use freedom to say N word, f*g or watch child porn. I am getting tired of blaring the horns and hammering the gong.

It is made and funded by DARPA, and NSA hosts some of the nodes on TOR network.

It is not worth the risk. Do not do it. “Freedom” assholes do not care about abusing said freedom or being responsible with it, to not waste it on watching fucking child porn.

I learnt over a decade ago never to trust anyone who thinks of Tor (or ) as a bad thing, terrorist tool or whatever. Worked pretty well against my blabbermouth family and friends.

“I support and give cover to Israel on internet”

“please behave uwu”

“no reason to get offensive”

It is atrocious that this trope is running rounds even with people on here. Idiots and people falling for propaganda are calling Hamas terrorists. If not for them for the past couple decades, Palestine would have not existed by now.

That includes components made in Tim Cook’s bathwater and piss. You are missing the point entirely.

Apple overcharges. They still make these machines in China, and do not have a different BoM than other companies’ flagship devices. Apple did not reach $2B valuation by being pro consumer or price friendly.

I am not interested in western pseudo-intellectual hipsters that like to dance around morals and authenticity.

The ones in China, Russia, North Korea and whoever is the enemy of USA. Ironically, USA has been part in most genocides ever committed, some done by themselves and none that they actually discovered via authentic journalistic investigations.

This is by far the largest settler colony and one of the largest real, actual genocides conducted in human history. Not fake like the ones West invents about others.

I bet your toothpick is a sewing needle or a SAK pin, if it can poke out SIM trays.

Never buy a Pixel. You should look into Fairphone. By far the smartphone that will be the least ewaste.

Have it on my keys for years, never lost it.

That is the key to breaking the power of infinity stones.

I would say that is very close to stabbing something else. Consider it a blessing. Now you can keep this pin in your poked thigh.

My boy, you trolling? I did not ask for Viagra for myself, I asked if this clown ass grandpa billionaire takes Viagra to do his job.

Is there a direct source for viagra? Sharing it around will be very funny and enlightening.

Sudha Murthy of Infosys also said that Indian freshers should just earn the baseline 24000 INR per month to live a “simple life”, as she continues to increase her billionaire money stack. These fuckers need to be lit on fire in public for display.

Doing that since 2018 methinks, enjoying the gigachad life and refuse to go back to web browser streaming. Glad to see more people are becoming enlightened.

30fps is 2001

Some people do not deserve an internet connection. There should be a stupidity test to pass before being allowed to use it.

Its ok, not everyone has parents like yours that gift you a Threadripper CPU + RTX 4090 Founder GPU on your 16th birthday.

Maybe getting in one of the mass shooting crossfires by those domestic terrorists in your country will bring some empathy in the likes of you.

I… think I am good. I will travel to any other country on earth where these risks practically do not exist. As an Indian, I know how bad it can get for me in specific white countries, considering some of the Indian refugees from Ukraine got beat up and injured on Poland border last year.

I sometimes think of visiting USA as tourist, but get reminded by these weekly news flashes that I might never return home if I did. Probably not a good idea to visit this third world shithole with a Gucci belt.

I only shared the EV magazine link as I saw fair amount of neutrality. I knew this was going to come up, conflict of interest usually does become a problem, but it looks OK here on this topic.

Its all about the Pareto’s principle, no matter what it is. Find the Pareto frontier, and target it, but with proper assumptions as there can be more than 1 case targets. So that would look like, in no order:

  • an actual (and not for media optics) cutdown on speeds
  • less weight of cars without compromising safety
  • methods to hinder tyre particles from getting out at all (Tyre Collective built a device releasing next year, as these particles are electrostatic)
  • using less cars and more motorcycles
  • better and less toxic tyres
  • any tyre companies penalised, and tyre industry regulated for tyre pollution like how tailpipe pollution got regulated and successfully controlled

From https://evmagazine.com/sustainability/how-much-pollution-comes-from-electric-vehicle-tyres

Emissions Analytics provides various samples from its tests to give an all-round view of tyre pollution. The team has now tested more than 300 tyres on the European market, identifying 78 organic compounds and recognising 46 hazards codes. It turns out the least toxic tyre compound is 85% less polluting than the most toxic version.

I think the answer does lie in using less toxic tyres, as a starting point, something I was suspecting.

Another source says:

The International Union for Conservation of Nature pegs tires as the second leading source of microplastic pollution in oceans, and one 2017 study found a global per capita average of .81 kilograms in tire emissions per year, ranging from .23 kg per year in India to 4.7 kg (roughly 10 pounds) in the US. That may seem minor stacked up against the nearly 300 pounds in plastic waste the average American generates each year, but microplastics are tiny by definition — and an insidious source of toxins that researchers are only beginning to understand.

There is a colossal difference between India (where I live) and US, for example.

Also another article points out only large BEVs will be heavy, as usual BEVs will become similar in weight to normal fossil fuel cars by 2025.

Motorcycles produce exponentially lower pollution than cars, and cycles more or less produce none, which should be used, but cars are a need due to shitty designing of cities, and capitalist growth chasing.

Would using good tyres, and maintaining them, not be a solution to that problem?

Would it be okay if I use an electric car that does not give asthma? Serious question. Also I do not play shitty games like pokemon go.

Sound wave cannon. Star n Stripe Power Rangers will use it in their battle against Joe Zuckermusk Trump.

Would you like to know who this most likely is? One of GrapheneOS alts, that used to go by the name of Jack___, where it can be JackSwimmingfruit, JackSparrow, JackFruit and so on, sometimes with numbers appended to username as suffix. GrapheneOS shills often go around shilling Google, Apple and USA Big Tech closed source corpos as messiahs of the world, using such dirty tactics. People like me have fought tooth and nail against them, and I continue to protect privacy sublemmy here as mod.

This JWayn replying to you is also a GrapheneOS shill. His posting history speaks for it.