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The started feeding chatgpt bath salts and i deleted system32 on my linux :(

If you’re electing to use linux, you got time to burn. Spend a little time getting comfy with manpages. Little things like that really add up to being effective.

I feel fortunate that the image is fried and I can’t read it.

Lol I dont think about shit. I throw stuff in a backpack 30 min before I leave and buy whatever I forget at my destination

Not a chick but when booze is involved it can get rough lol

OpenBSD was super fun to learn using a book and the manpages. Stay far away from its community tho jfc

I got 12k debt and 300 in the bank haha

I think these folks have repressed dick sucking fantasies

I’d be hyped but I think valve games peaked already. HL1 > HL2 imo.

Email or text. Otherwise fuck off

I pack lunches. But yeah there’s gonna be edge cases like that. I’d imagine long haul truck drivers probably dont cook often either. But for the average American I’m confident fast food and even restaurants are largely unnecessary.

Yeah I get that. I just got used to it and now its just another thing I do all the time. Now I come home half dead and whip up a dinner no problem. The only reason I would recommend fast food over home cooking is if you are disabled.

I stopped doing fast food a long time ago. My burgers are way better now. Its just not worth it if you have a kitchen

That’s another pie chart for you to make

I dent the lid with a butter knife’s blunt edge

I get enough fiber, my ass is still trying to kill me