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I personally like the void. It makes me realise that life is so meaningless that I may as well take piss out of everything. Obviously this doesn’t work out well for me at work or in relationships or in finances or health or any normal metric of success but that’s the beauty of it, who cares? All that stuff can suck my nuts

This is a good doco. And you are right that the reality is people just don’t care enough to keep it in the front of their brain. I do have a question though. If intelligence is the criteria for whether or not it’s cruel to kill or harm another life form, would it be considered better to kill a less intelligent animal over a more intelligent one?

Ok so I’m on the same page now, I think when you wrote the are horrifically cruel and violent towards innocent creatures is where I read in the evil and disgusting. Tbh I’m not sure how being horrifically cruel and violent towards innocent creatures isn’t evil and disgusting. Still I’m making a lot of assumptions. Can you clarify by what you mean by being horrifically cruel and violent towards innocent creatures? Is there a particular event or policy or is it a generalisation, if it’s a generalisation can you point me to some examples, thanks

That was not my intention. I suppose after reading everyone’s comments that was the general vibe I was getting from most people. I apologise if that was not this individual comments intentions.

Sorry, what are you saying?

No I realise it could be taken that way. If you read further up their comment it says if you vote for someone it’s the same as overthrowing the government. I wrote I would never in response to the voting part, I didn’t need to go any further but I understand how it may have been taken that way

Yeh shut up guys or we’ll all get deleted

When did I say I support their party?

peaks over graveyard fence

“where’s mark suckaturd? Oh yeh, you got scared of him and showed everyone that you’re full of shit”

It’s always meant being on the edge

I think you’ll find most people voting r come from backgrounds who always vote republican. It’s a way of life and the idea of voting another way has never entered their mind because of one or two issues like abortion or some other non money related policy. Take abortion for example, these people literally think they are saving innocent babies from being slaughtered. Sounds noble to me, even like they’re, dare I say it, good people or at least trying to be. Except when you take into account the infringement of someone elses bodily autonomy and the part where a bunch of cells don’t have the same consciousness of a fully grown human or even a late term baby which appears to be how they’re thinking about it. Then they’ll throw some other bullshit like it’s what could have been before you killed that fetus. Life is precious. Nearly every one of them then happy to take life saving medicines or wear glasses to change “what could have been.” And then they’ll never ignore that the bible gives instructions on how to abort a fetus and doesn’t appear to condemn it. These people seek truth and want to do the right thing. They’re just denying logic in the process.

You’re saying all republicans are exactly the same? The awful, vile, racist nazi trumpers are the same as the quiet country family that go to church and do charity work and only vote r because they always have and their church community all vote r. They have an exchange student from Africa staying with them because one time they did some missionary work there and thought the people were great? If you think those two are the exactly the same and even believe the same thing I can’t see how that’s all that different fundamentally than racism.

I agree I think they are on a poor trajectory. I can’t see how calling them evil and disgusting is going to change their behaviour. We’ve done that. It doesn’t seem to work. If anything they wear it as a badge of pride because they don’t believe a word of what we are saying. I can only see a solution of showing patience and compassion to those who have been misled and being resolute in calling out the bullshit from the people using them. If we can reach the ones who are good and have been misled more might wake up after them. There will be no possibility of a majority or power and their party will be forced to change or cease to exist. And you’re right everyone loses. Do you want everyone to lose or do you want to be the bigger person. It sucks but there’s no fire with fire. It’s a race to the bottom and we’re already on our way

I like your reply. Do you have any friends or family who are republicans?

Spouting nonsense is a great way to become informed. There’s never a shortage of people who want to correct you

I’m basing my opinions off the internet. Can’t go anywhere without hearing about it. I’m not completely against the idea of conservation as a way to slow down some things that may be moving too fast and can have unexpected and unintended consequences. Republicans appear to have a funny idea of what conservative means. I think what I’m trying to get across is that as long as it’s an us vs them attitude and the idea that they are always wrong, dumb, brain dead idiots, there’s not going to be a bridge to figure out what the hell they are thinking

Do you think there are some that are trying to balance everything as best they can? As in if they had to chose to cut health or housing you’re going to be an asshole either way

I don’t think I said I think they are all the same. I obviously think in general they are on the wrong side of history. But there’s also some acknowledgment that there are some really shitty liberals too

The grouping and assumption of someone’s goodness or badness being based on something as complex as a political opinion is also crazy. There are multiple policies and sometimes people just do things to follow the crowd. Being misguided is not the same as being a bad human

It is odd to observe. It’s like the idea of being right or wrong has zero nuance to these people and the only viewpoint is being 100% right about everything but then again, may be I’m wrong about that

Is it kind of the same thing as saying the Jews are greedy compared to something like that person is greedy and is also a Jewish person. The Jewish part doesn’t matter and it’s only used as a descriptor. As in when you say republicans are awful you aren’t separating the good from the bad, I cannot believe there are no exceptions and if there are exception what makes it any different to the argument against racism?

I do but I’m open to there being good ones. Assume they’re bad but be open to the idea there might be good ones

Fuck that I wouldn’t vote for them

Well if you look you will find some examples. Didn’t the republicans vote for the veterans care act to push through the use of psilocybin and mdma for treatment resistant veterans suffering from ptsd? I would imagine it would have been hard to go against the grain to make that decision and I’m sure there were a lot of republican voters who weren’t happy but it seems like the obvious right choice

I’m not a republican. I’m not even American, I’m Mozambican. But I do vote liberal in my country

I agree strongly with you. The problem is weak leadership from the republicans. The people are just along for the ride on the most part. If the politicians weren’t so spineless and scared of losing their own power they might actually stand up to the shit ones for what they believe in

They often have the same cognitive ability for critical thinking. Although after this post I’m not so sure of either side

Good analogy. Imagine if there were no good cops

Yes this is what I believe but im not right all the time either so I try to listen. Often it will just confirm what I thought to begin with but sometimes a see it a bit different

I do not support them no. If a kid steals a cookie is he a bad person or is he not thinking things through?

I never would in a million years

Telling people has no real bearing on output.

Here’s the thing. If you want to finish something you need to finish it. Seems obvious but it’s not. Telling people should not have any real bearing on whether you finish it or not you are still in control whether you tell somebody or not.

Fraid so, the ankle bracelet doesn’t help either

I’m not a fan of this war. Just a reminder of the massive war crimes hamas committed to reignite this though. Zero justification for either side to commit them but also seems strange ignoring theirs in favour of Israel’s

You could drink ddt and hit your neighbours kids all you wanted. And when you got home from a hard days work of pulling people out of deadly machinery at the smog factory who where crushed and maimed, you could be sure to come home to a cooked meal from your lovely wife who had been drinking and crying all day because she was probably going to get beat. And the best part was no one would talk about any of it cause we weren’t pussies like todays queer youths