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No because it came off of over a decade of research, the mRNA vaccine delivery had been in development for years, COVID is also a type of virus related to other viruses they had developed or were developing vaccines for.

This was not some weekend project dumped out with no thought.

It’s not odd at all that people are willing to take the vaccines. Hundreds of doctors and scientists have been involved in the process of determining how viruses work, how the body fights them how we can use that to improve the bodies response and then how to safely package that for delivery to every person in the country.

There is no blind faith here except for that of doubters, just literal thousands of hours of dedication and science.

Go lookup CANDU reactors, we have designs already that can’t steam explode themselves and instead will fail safe. Also just to be clear nuclear reactors don’t perform a nuclear explosion if they fail, the Chernobyl explosion was a steam explosion that threw nuclear material into the air.

The UUID never fucking changes. It is a hardware level identier use the UUID in your configs and they will work until the day you change drives.

But it’s still dirt fucking cheap to produce.

The expensive parts of fibre are the transmitters/receivers at each end and the labour to splice/terminate it properly.

This isn’t about that though. This is advertiser’s going “we don’t want to advertise on X because Elon promotes content we don’t agree with” and then Elon freaking out because much free speech. Even though no one is blocking or removing what he says, they just no longer want to be associated with it.

Have you seen a 3D printed house? They look like shit with their lumpy walls, and you still have to run all the plumbing power, and ventilation.

I’m not Italian and I’ll fight anyone who tries to make spaghetti by snapping the noodles in half.

I had the ethernet in my desktop mobo not work when I tried upgrading to win11. Worked fine in 10 but no internet on 11.

I also had a very difficult time getting a Xbox wireless controller adapter working on win 10 without spending about 2 hours searching.

Windows usually works but sometimes it just fucking doesn’t. Linux isn’t perfect either but I usually don’t have issues with my Ethernet ports not working.

Then why are you here parsing it around like it’s something new.

Mine is built from enough concrete and brick to sink most ships. And most wood frame houses are built from timber trucked in on a flatbed.

Nobody does large amounts of hauling with a pickup.

They get a transit van if they actually need to move things around.

“use my instance please”

“No not like that!”

Holy fuck this is what we left Reddit to avoid…

Lemmy had a garbage web UI. And the other apps I have used are not nearly as smooth as sync.

Yeah it’s pretty shit. Since some places they only offer 1 or 2 weeks vacation a year if you want a longer one you end up needing to take the unpaid time off.

The pto thing is because most office/tech jobs let you take unpaid time off too. Just means you won’t make your full salary for the year based on the number of unpaid days you take.