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Bringing this to a multi day concert would be pretty funny. I’m sure you’d make a tonne of friends just because of it. How could you not it’s fucking awesome lol.

working out regularly, eating well, and sleeping well. That’s what keep you fit and in shape. That’s it. working a manual labor job gets you the excersize part, you gotta do it properly but that task is fullfilled by having a manual labor job. You still need to eat and sleep well and not get addicted to painkillers (that can happen to anyone). An office job fulfills non of the tasks required to be fit. Sure less chance of injury since you’re in an temp controlled cubicle. Much higher chance of being unfit though.

Well you just proved my point then. If these “guys” you’re talking about didn’t take shortcuts with their health and actually wore PPE etc they would be in great shape. It’s not the job it’s them.

Why is this what people think? Sure if youre overweight and drink a six pack every night and only sleep for 4 hours and smoke like a chimney, yeah you’re body is gonna go to shit by 35 doing construction. But if you take care of yourself and work a manual labor job everyday you will be in better shape than 99% of the people you know. I know because I work a manual labor job and take care of myself and I’m 30. I’m in better shape than 99% of people I know. I can do a backflip, walk on my hands, run up stairs all day, cardio is very good. Friends I have with factory and office jobs are fat and incapable. I can run circles around them and they’re the ones complaining about their backs.

Where is this image from originally?

Off topic but I don’t think breakfast is any more or less important than a meal any other time of the day. Most days I only eat one big meal around dinnertime and maybe have a few bites of some snack throughout the day. I’ve been like that for years now it started from doing 12 hour construction shifts where I’d just work all day with a coffee and maybe an apple or something then eat a big meal once I was home. I don’t do construction anymore but the way I eat stuck with me. It’s probably worth pointing out that I’m very fit and a healthy bodyweight (5’10 152lbs) and I don’t suffer any negative effects from living like this. I’d say I’m healthier than 90% of the people I know.

The people actually doing it aren’t here reading this that’s for sure.

Pornhub prob made you picky. Be less picky it’s great.

Jerboa wouldn’t let me save any posts or comments. Other than that it worked great. I’m using sync now as I had the sync for Reddit back in the day and love it.