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Oh dear. It’s nice that you are getting your infos from a Russian Facebook conspirationist profile. But you should try to not look like a complete badger. Also, sorry I may have say that because I’m actually corrupted by Gate’s nanorobots 5G and the vaccine.

They are just farm boomers or paradenplatz bankdad boomers. They will disappear with time, I don’t worry to much.

Also : Direct democracy and no président.

Wouldn’t happen in my country. 🇨🇭

Canada is dry. Humidity is the other Killing factor there.

Music is just becoming lazier. We got from needing 70 instruments and an incredible opera singer to 6 instruments and a talented jazz singer to 4 instruments and a good singer to 0 instruments a bad singer but a lot of vocoder. I didn’t said it was bad, just lazy.

DALL.E take on a cute one <3

Social worker in Switzerland here. I feel pretty OK :)

That’s the difference with you. I learn in universities, reading reports and works. Not on echo chambers on the web. I just like to argue with people on the internet in a language I don’t master while I’m in the train.

Oh Okay sorry China is a country ruled by nice friendly people that loves freedom of speech, culture, people. You should go live there. Also Putin is as nice as a koala and just want to save babies. You can go back to sleep. Thank you for enlighting me.

That actually sucks and I do not agree with that.

I wasn’t saying that about the color… Asians aren’t even yellow… wtf is your stuff about saying Chinese are yellows ??? Is that an American thing ?

Which comment was racist ? 🤔

Or that I’m not influenced by extremist narrative one side or the other.

Further down, but it seems it was more about mocking the president and saying that China and Russia were dictatorships. Maybe…

Nations doesn’t exist, states does. It’s different.

Nope. It was about mocking the Chinease president, saying that Russia and China were dictatorships and yes calling the Uigur genocide, without denying any other genocides… you’re the one that deny it and lying like a politician or a government drone. You don’t have any idea what my sources are. That’s pathetic…

So if someone say Christianism sucks because it’s a religion and I respond by saying all religions sucks, is that whataboutism ? Excuse me if I just think that it’s better to criticize everyone than a specific group of person…

I honestly didn’t though about the yellow thing… just about the resemblance in the way of walking and poses as the meme originate from. But I will refrain from using it from now to not fall into that trap. I will compare it to a toaster from now.

Except that I’m a Swiss socialist and that I’m taking my sources from very left wing ONG that I work with ?

Oh wow. I honestly didn’t thought about that. I may be an ass sometime but… not like that :o !

And calling the uhygur genocide bad is spreading nazi disinformation ? Hahahaha

And reality is just a construction of our spirit.

That’s funny because that’s also what you will say the next time he will be in power and won’t leave. Y’all need to revolt before you pikachu face into a dictature.

Except if you are into nazi stuff, or human sacrifices, or violence against animals, or learning Klingon.

If one day a single democrat is trying to storm the capitol, he will get shot 23 times and be called a terrorist. All his family will be persecuted by crazy hats. You accepted their crazy extremist behavior and the know it. These guys just hijacked democracy to forcepass one of their guy despite an internal vote. I will tell you from an outside perspective, you guys are going right into fascism next time Trump is elected. He won’t leave twice. You’re going to be the baddies.

TIL that they have no fucking idea about how to season pumpkin in the US.

Hello Sir, did you ever hear about our lord and savior, second degree ?

You say that because you are old. Next you will also say something like “the important think is to be young in the heart/head”.

When i am king, you will be first against the wall. With your opinion, which is of no consequence at all.

“Ohhh cute kitty ! Look at those ! Do you like the sound these dinglebinglekeys are doing ?”

removed, these are the keys of your brand new Audi.”

Accept the superiority of our memes.