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Is there a Systemd fork that is unix philosophy compliant?

I actually quite like Wayland. I have not had a problem. Except with the discord application cause they are too lazy to fix their screen recording bug

I love to see the eu fucking over companies

They prob wouldn’t get shocked but the ring and battery will get very hot very quick as there i pretty much no resistance wich means there is a lot of current flowing.

Someone else in the comments claimed to have calculated a resistance of 0.2 ohms.


9V ÷ 0.2Ω = 45A

45 amps is a lot of current to flow through a nose ring. I don’t know how much that is in heat but i’d expect you to get burned from it

For a sec. I thought were fr in the first sentence. Then i remembered wich platform we’re on and why that probably is.

I heard that it is safer to do sudoedit [file] instead of sudo [editor] [file]. At least it’s like this in vim. Idk about nano and Emacs tho

I would actually benefit from beig able to keeps different versions of dependencies rn. Got a deprecated software wich forces me to exclude a package from my updates.

Only idiots choose a side without knowing all the facts. And in such a time it is hard to know objective facts from subjective half truths. Always having to choose a side is a foolish way of thinking.

i’d rather stay out of that shit and don’t risk losing contact with friends and family because they had a different opinion.

Always having to pick a side cause hatred, violence and destroys relationships.

Worse than last year. Seems to be a trend that the yield gets worse by the year

I remember the shitshow. Like in general everywhere and at all times.

Always having to pick a side is exactly what causes fights and arguments. If one doesn’t want to pick a side just deal with it.

298.15 - 273,5 so its 24.65°C? I’d argue that is a lot. But i may just be heat sensitive

Edit: fixed typo Edit2: fixed another typo. I gotta start proof reading before sending

I think they implemented it just because they could. The developers of ultrakill are… Eccentric to say the least

That’s cause you can still scroll if the post takes your entire screen (at least i can) and if you click on the post you can just exit with the arrow at the top left corner

Chill the horse is already dead.

I use arch btw.

I had to do it

I honestly am glad to see so much linux stuff

I think NFT’s had some promise for stuff you actually have to own (not some ape pictures). Like a digital version for maybe an invitation or tickets or if done properly (by your countries government for example) maybe even for stuff like licenses (i.e. driving license, welding license etc.) Or identification (passport, id, etc.)

This is really insulting to me as a cavemen sex educator. Do you know how hard it is to explain complex concepts in cavemen speech?!


Well there is the reason that your coworkers use linux. I can assure you in a normal office job or something like that you will likely not find a person wich uses linux

Do ypu by chance work anything computer related?

Well unreal Tournament is older than me and i am a legal adult. So suffice to say that the technology wasn’t really there yet for games

This looks ai generated but im 99.9% certain that there is a real version of this picture

Everone can play what they want but 30 fps is unbearable in most -not all- games

I get the feeling you’re speaking from experience

I thought: 3 firefox memes in a row?? Is that a new meme?

Then i saw that all are from the same person

Some people are just more night active. I recommend getting a night shift if possible

Ying and yang… Just not as smooth a transition