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Isn’t SteamOS open source since it is Linux based (GPL) with the proprietary Steam client on top?

What does Widevine actually do? You may not be able to download directly but you can just use OBS

If you purchase it and they can still take it away from you at will, it isn’t something that can be owned. If it isn’t something that can be owned, piracy isn’t stealing because for it to be stealing somebody would have to own it.

I think it’s probably because they’re from Mastodon, hashtags are more used there

Mojeek has pretty bad results. I’d only use it to avoid censorship of results

Vivaldi has this functionality baked in. It’s basically Firefox + custom css + extensions in a refined way

Satanic is discontinued not Christian

For those interested: (discontinued)

Yes But I meant buying a new pc that supports windows 11 instead of installing Linux

I meant money as in buying a supported PC

macOS and Linux have additional security features at a system level, on Linux most software comes through controlled repositories or sandboxed flatpaks. There are also tons of multi million dollar companies that constantly try to find and fix kernel level vulnerabilities and a distro like Debian, which is very popular for servers, has had less major vulnerabilities than windows 7 throughout its entire lifecycle and Debian exists for other 30 years. So I’d say Linux is would have a few less (different) attacks

Edit: Enough money as in buying a PC supporting windows 11

What about Debian testing/sid?

Linux Mint: am I a joke to you

Linux is Unix like but not Unix

And what would that be? A live usb?

Ubuntu has its own repos independent from Debians

And the mascot no longer works


1.Security 2.Up to date depends on distro, rolling releases have more up to date software 3. Convenience: just open the app center and click install

As Richard Stallman said: Steve Jobs created a cage and made it so shiny that millions of people want to be trapped in it (From memory so not exact, just search Richard Stallman Apple fanboys are fools)

It’s Not Bad, but against the malware that always is a step ahead it stands little of a chance as it can’t solve the “legacy” problems that keep windows from becoming more secure

That is an interesting sentence: as long as you don’t update it’s extremely stable

But this is more about macOS having no package manager (officially), telemetry and such

If you install an app with apt and it has a snap it automatically installs the snap

I used Debian quite a while after switching from Ubuntu, but the outdated packages made me quit. I will probably try Debian testing/sid soon

Which version of Ubuntu you’re installing (including which flavour), Whether you have network connectivity, Hardware stats, including CPU, RAM, GPU, etc, Your device vendor (e.g., Dell, Lenovo, etc), Your country (based on the time zone you pick, not IP), How long your install took to complete, Whether you have auto login enabled, Your disk layout (how many hard drives and partitions you have), Whether you chose to install third party codecs, Whether you chose to download updates during install

(According to OMG!Ubuntu) Most distros offer optional telemetry, but Ubuntu’s is opt out not opt in (for GNOME you have to separately install the telemetry)

I don’t hate Ubuntu, it used to be my favorite distro and I haven’t found anything that really replaces it. I hate Canonical for destroying my favorite distro

just kidding

Don’t give them any ideas

Mint removes everything that makes Ubuntu bad and they have a version with the same features but Debian based and because Ubuntu is pushing snaps so much they have been thinking of making LMDE (Linux Mint Debian edition) the new default

Fedora is moving a bit faster than Debian(but it’s pretty unstable), the main selling point is in my opinion dnf/rpm, but on a server a rhel clone would be a better choice. Pop OS and especially Mint are great distros, Debian is great but very outdated, I would try them live and then decide

The joke is based on the fact that Ubuntu forces snaps and most people agree that they suck

A lot of terminal apps tend to skip windows, ungoogled chromium doesn’t have a official windows release

Discord was not made for Wayland and has failed to provide an update

The backend is proprietary

And then Canonical would control Linux apps, sounds like a good idea

Maybe they changed it, but when I tried it they didn’t setup a boot loader by default

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