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In the first two pictures it looks like Hitler and Modi are eating invisible baguettes.

Since 2016 this has become more difficult.

Oh, Ferngully was that animation about rainforests I watched as a kid.

Yes, the war that had its own theme song!

Boomer humor: “Wife bad”

Millennial humor: “Life bad”

Somebody called Skibidi toilet “the Generation Alpha’s first cultural contribution”.

And the same applies also for pizza.

For comparison Last.FM usually has its own “wrapped” in January.

I remember that particular episode from my childhood and it felt pretty sad. Butterfree and Ash had a certain bond… and then they depart :(

Goatse came immediately to my mind, don’t ask why.

Moving those CRTs from one place to another is arduous.

Well, one can interpret the meme many ways, including reactionary. I agree with the view presented.

That hairstyle! I remember many boybands just like Backstreet Boys and many celebrities having that hairstyle. Wallet chains never really go out of style, I have a bigger and longer one than the one in that picture.

This picture is several years old anyways.

I have to admit the same too. I’m a huge fan of Nintendo and other Japanese gaming giants but I don’t watch anime or read manga regularly. I have watched something like Hayao Miyazaki’s movies, Evangelion, Berserk, Dragon Ball and some popular others as it’s “common knowledge of popular culture”.

At that time simply seeing skeletons made out of polygons was mind-boggling enough.

The black goop, it’s likely salt liquorice or salmiak.

And apparently the “founder” of these alien bodies has a history of similar alien hoaxes.

Totes real aliens that resemble ET.

One could say that each decade had their shitty things, but in different ways. Like in Finland 30 years ago – big economic depression resulting in mass employment, suicides and a whole generation crippled. Or the world 20 years ago – terrorism paranoia and the War on Terror.

Well, you have to explore other languages. As Linus Torvalds once famously said:

There aren’t enough swear-words in the English language, so now I’ll have to call you perkeleen vittupää just to express my disgust and frustration with this crap.

Exactly! And in case someone misunderstands, this is mocking him, not endorsing.

Now this is obscure Loss.

Thank you! Gotta add these to my Instapaper and read later with my ebook reader :)

This really shines light on that user’s motives. I banned that user because of being a really sus bot, but this meme will not be removed as no rules have been broken. Where I can learn more about the subject?

Didn’t know that Michael Caine has been in a Muppet movie.

That triple parenthesis is suspicious… Here is a Wikipedia article in case you don’t know.

Mark this as NSFW, please.

By The Onion:


Made by David Revoy:

PSA: The latest Pop OS update breaks Plymouth
I started my computer today and after the BIOS boot logo nothing showed up. Usually Plymouth's disk decryption screen shows up as my SSD is encrypted. I legit thought something had broken my computer and even updated my BIOS. Still, nothing, just a black screen. Then I checked Reddit's /r/Pop_OS and many users have had [the]( same [problem]( Apparently the latest system update has broken Plymouth, so after the BIOS logo one has to input the decryption password blindly. And BAM – then the Pop OS desktop shows up! I'm telling this here in case anyone else uses Pop OS. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.