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I actually lost 2 of mine. Gosh I hope I find them before the cops do…

What a terrible design. Have we got a release date on the 2.0 yet?

You can buy different sizes of oval. Highly recommend looking again

Fuck you stop calling me out, I’m 100% serious. Stop. lol

Every cunt is different. Some are quite shallow. Some are quite cold too, at least the ones in my basement are…

You changed it the second time I read it, that’s cheating

Antihistamine is the type of drug, or it’s “family. It describes what is does biochemically. That’s like using “antibiotic” when you are looking for doxycycline.

Bro……you fell for it

Would you mind having them sniff me? Been feeling weird lately and I just want to be sure

Yeah but then they stabbed him in the back because they were scared he would do well (which he probably would) and they are just as scared of the system actually being shaken up

There are likely thousands of people being hired and paid to do just this right now

Seriously, that seems like what this poster is actually promoting. Whoever made it/put it up in the office wasn’t working particularly intelligent that day

Ugh yeah I’ve seen it a few times. I think it has something to do with higher usage than the servers can handle at one time so it tries to post, “can’t”, so it does again but the first one did too but idk

It’s a simple rule guys: it’s ALWAYS the president’s fault. Unless it’s their president, then it’s NEVER the president’s fault.

It’s a simple rule guys: it’s ALWAYS the president’s fault. Unless it’s their president, then it’s NEVER the president’s fault.

20,000 miles??? Good god get a closer job

This happened to me irl. My cousin said he doesn’t wash his asshole in the shower cus of this. Ignoring the glaring bs, me and my other cousin just told him “wash yah ayse”

I mean, yeah, exactly. And right now I’ve got fucking loads of both and more so give me types that won’t strip pretty please

Yeah, I’ll take that trade off pls

So there is a non-zero chance I will die in space

Why?? This is actually scary for some reason

There’s one more group that would make this argument……

Doubtful but interesting thinking. It’s actually a rather simple equation that explains how two equally weighted forces affect one another over distance. The numerator expresses that both forces carry equal weight in the interaction (if they are both the same kind of force, eg gravity or electromagnetism, this makes sense) and they are constructive interactions (both add to the intensity of the interaction) hence multiplying one by the other. The denominator just indicates that the distance between the two things exponentially degrades the force at a power of 2, since the force is spreading out in 2 dimensions (imagine a cone starting at one point and extending to the second, so that when you reach the second point the force is spread across the cross section of that cone, but the only part of the force affecting that second point is the part that touches it).

But that if both are negative not one pos one neg like the previous commenter gave in their examples, so the true formula has an absolute value in the numerator: |q1Xq2|

Who else missed that the text is missing the word “to” on the first read?

I wish. I’d love to be that skinny

For me it was fucking Void Train. I just want a new Raft okay??? And that’s what Void Train was supposed to be!!1

This question transcends gender and sexuality

While I agree with you on how it should be pronounced, not a good argument. Giraffe.

I liked the old name and I challenge you to find me someone who was offended by it

Real adults post memes without a watermark