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So a small tip, dont use Cinnamon XD but everyone uses what they prefer

The state of coreboot on modern hardware

The security problems of Linux over Android

Very interesting, how do you do that? Can you even set it up without an A$ account?

What does that mean? Have the OS she had? Windows 10, I personally debloated it haha

Extracting archives on Windows… LOL

I havent done that on Win11 though

Yup, it is simply so lost and uncontrolled that I could totally live in it and replace the garbage software with something else.

They dont support it at all currently but have an experimental version. As if that was too much, with their software costing 200€+

Damn… so StudioOne on their “Linux info page” was wrong. They only support Ubuntu (sigh…) but also only Wayland.

A good start for a Flatpak? Maybe if it wasnt proprietary…

Hahaha that damn spacebar heating in KDE 4.2 was really lit

Just use a Distro that has it preset. Ubuntu, Fedora, I dont know what else.

Bro just stop recommending the use of a single Youtube proxy. People should just use Freetube, Newpipe or GrayJay instead of abusing servers for video proxying

Selfhosted DNS.


Instead of letting some randomly assigned server do that, you have your own Server doing that, like a dictionary. And you can simply block addresses that transfer ads

I literally have no idea what ads are currently anywhere as I didnt see them since a few years.

Going out is actually crazy haha, public TVs, Walls etc. I am way more sensible to that as others literally dont think this is sick

There is an addon “activate reader view” that can force it if its not officially supported, sometimes works.

It is in my Android collection

Yes I have do the same, layer small packages, use Flatpaks and complex stuff like (R + rstudio + COPR + Modules) or (QGis + grass + python + plugins) or IDEs in a distrobox.

At least in Distrobox you can also create rootful containers which could run an entire DE, or run libvirtd in there and use virt-manager in a rootless box, connected over ssh. Totally works but its a bit complicated. But for software with systemd or USB access this is needed.

Flatpaks share libraries, but they are sometimes not packaged well, contrary to distro packages, which on the other hand may pull in loots of dependencies.

Would be interesting to run all packages in a rootful distrobox and have Fedora RPMs on the other hand.

There are some hardening problems though, that I dont really understand, with user namespaces being blocked in the hardened kernel. On Arch there is bubblewrap-suid which fixes that in a way I also dont understand yet, but Podman, Distrobox, Toolbox, Docker etc dont work yet, and may not work too.

Uhm I do, daily since a year or so.

Most apps are slim, but needing 8 runtimes or so is nothing rare at all.

I of no idea’s what youre talking about. People write that? Makes no sense? But this weird of/have I recognized already

No shit wouldnt that be “companies”? I am not native lol

Custom CSS is awesome but the lack of any documentation is bogus.

Is vivaldi FOSS now? In tests by mike kuketz it had nonexistent Fingerprint protection and bad privacy settings OOTB

Not all security issues get CVEs. Thats only the security parts. Its old as balls, and Firefox never had any breaking bugs for me, thats the “old as balls” part

If a Distro preinstalls the Torbrowser it is based. Or maybe a Firefox that is actually debloated and hardened, not just having fancy bookmarks and a custom start page (looking at you Fedora)

I mean its still Windows, they dont package anything thats the job of the apps.

This meme makes no sense. Why would Windows want that?

Surprisingly I dont get weird popups when installing Firefox

Yup, Flatpaks are indeed great. Isolation, modern versions, no weird dependencies.

I have to manage a Debian PC fleet and I am too stupid for Ansible, so they all just got cleaned up extremely, all that bloat gone, apps replaced with flatpaks and now the system has like ⅓ the packages. Automatic updates then, VirtualBox is the only stupid thing with their kmod and all, but Virtmanager is also already on there.

Not all apps can be flatpaks, for example virt-manager, gnome-boxes can but its really restricted then.

But keeping the system slim just makes so much sense, its like removing this distro randomness which I am sure is needed for Linux to get their shit together and stop doing the same work at 10 different places.

This meme is not funny you should talk to a professional lol

Its good and bad. Bad because the base system cant use it and its not the main packaging choice.

Lots of good apps like OBS use outdated runtimes, which simply should not be used anymore. I am not sure if this is a security issue but probably it is, and it creates this unnecessary Runtime bloat.

Stolen from linuxmemes at deltachat

I would get UbuntuCE and turn it into Satanic, like a softfork. That would be satanic indeed, the evil offspring

UbuntuCE is interesting, they have lots of blocking integrated. But thats probably just blocking “unchristian” content lol

It is very manual though. For rolling release BTRFS snapshots like on Fedora and Opensuse Tumbleweed are a total must.

Thats misinformation people that use Vanadium or Chromium spread. It increases attack surface if the addon is bad. But websites dont have the ability to randomly scan your browser, they can just detect weird behavior of your browser indirectly. And locally changing website rendering (this includes cookie banner removal and cosmetic ublock filters) are not one of them

Until you get these updates. But for sure Linux works better on a bloated corporation OS that that shady thing on free Software. Its way easier

Dark Background and Light Text - Firefox Addon

Also on mobile using my custom Addon Collection , especially useful on OLED screens!

image of a cat looking at a bunch of paper a woman shows it, with the header "cat ~/.bash_history"