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Am I seriously being aged out of Lemmy, too?

I honestly prefer this tbh. Shows that the passion comes from making the videos they want rather than grinding to survive

Crypto =/= blockchain.

If you can’t see the utility of blockchain with regards to things like actual, verifiable digital ownership, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Introducing the 2039 Volkswehrmacht Blitz

And even then, those sites can easily be retrieved by someone committed to finding them

Imagine if Pepsi was still good

RC cola gets a D but I agree other than that

I’ve never seen anyone on Lemmy credibly defend Taylor Swift just on the virtue of her being a woman. There are going to be dumbasses no matter where you go, but no one who actually knows what they’re talking about will hold a 1%er to a separate standard based of what’s in their pants.

Here ya go, OP, I think you dropped your strawman

Thats… that’s not how outliers work…

You’re a good guy OP but someone in my city is being sued by their landlord specifically for doing what your post is about and supposedly ruining the pavement, so make sure to cover person #1 before others!

Both of these types existed in the past and still exist today.

That attempt at fixing your typo is 10x more obvious than just letting it be would have been

I recognize one of these people

Did you pull this meme out of 1957?

Wait’ll you see how the rest of the internet is

I am not crazy! I know they dug those tunnels! I knew it was in the basement. One after ground level. As if I could ever make such a mistake. Never. Never! I just – I just couldn’t prove it. They - they covered the entrance, they got that idiot at the synagogue to lie for them. You think this is something? You think this is bad? This? This putzery?

Yes, Bloodlines, should’ve clarified. I’ve never looked into the patch but I’ve heard of it.

The funny thing is how much I love Fallout New Vegas, a game that gets thrown around a lot in the same discussions. Currently have several hundred hours of playtime on FNV across like five consoles and PC, but I’ve never been able to get into VTMB the same way.

Unpopular opinion for sure, but Vampire: The Masquerade. I’ve started so many playthroughs over the years but just cannot fall into it like other RPGs on account of its dated mechanics and graphics.

Just throwing out my own recommendation for others, I really enjoyed playing Dredge over the summer, which ran perfectly fine on my 1070. Total playtime was about 11 hours and I don’t feel like I missed anything or that it overstayed it’s welcome

This has been on my list for a decade haha. I just might have to pick it up

Awesome game, it was one of the first I ever played on my friends’ Xbox

Funny enough, this was the game that sparked this post. Amazing game, but I eventually lost interest after 23 hours without any sight of the ending. Could just be a skill issue for me for taking so long though, I only wish I was able to experience all of it in a shorter amount of time

Best games that can be completed in under ten hours?
So this isn't directly related to patientgaming but my hardware and personal tastes kind of filter me to playing games no newer than five years old. I'm looking for some recommendations for games that can be completed within ten hours. I've realized recently that this is the sweet spot how much I enjoy playing a game before I get bored of it. I'm open to all types of games. Thanks in advance!

Still are, I’d love if my family got me some blank tapes for Christmas

Love OBB. I was super bummed to see them touring through LiveNation this spring. I only found them last year and missed their 2023 tour and told myself I’d get a ticket when they came back, but I haven’t went to a LN show in years and I won’t break that streak, even for them.

Oh yeah, I’m not saying the 4S is a good phone nowadays, but I still consider it the best phone of all time when you consider when it came out, what its competitors were, etc. Similar to the Nvidia 1080 GPU.

Yesssss let’s make sure small business owners get sued into oblivion because we don’t like their prices hell yeah your Amazon package was delivered today my good sir

Those labels are almost always included by the company, not the manufacturer. “Designed in California,” is Apple’s decision, not Foxconn’s

Stanley Kubrick caused Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise to divorce over this.

And I’m also okay with Lemmy lacking in “porn” (read: OF spam and bots)

Thats… that’s now how you use the meme.

Sometimes I don’t want to say "edit: my fat thumbs typed ‘thumps’ instead of ‘thumbs’ " but I don’t want anyone to assume foul play when they see my comment has been edited.

I agree. It seems like we got the bad side of Reddit when everyone migrated over

Very cool filter evading title