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The joke loses the punch if I point out the sarcasm:c

In what world would anyone tip a landlord, its satire to the fact landlords keep raising rent and draining renters to nothing.

Hullabaloo in my region, northren Canada.

I think Blue is they paid for the check?

He sold the NFT, he announced the sale of the NFT. That triggered all this hububaluu/mental break? I’m not following but my buddy is sending updates as it his hillarious.

He is jealous of all his co stars in Encino Man winning Oscar’s… Man tell that to someone in 92…

Honestly I was the same way. Then I tried Grim Dawn, It has alot of the original Diablo team and plays like D2. You should try it and if you don’t like it return in.

I’m learning alot about Hollywood weirdness this month. So many actors have giant heads and tiny bodies. That way emotion shows better on camera.

Daughter's favourite show at the moment, this guy is such a scrub...

48 minute rant about Russian history, wizards, Tucker Carlsons CIA career and Putin going on long winded no where stories not involving the interview…

Jesus christ O.o… I had no idea it escalated further

What’s your opinion of warm water ports?

Every port we have is warm Water accept far north. Learn something new everyday.

It’s real, unfortunately it’s working as well as there is a massive portion of west that bites into this shit. I mean look at Orban or any alt right Republicans in states.

Cross-post 196 and NonCredibleDefense. Sh.itJustWorks

Guys/Gals it's posted in the meme community, clearly this did not happen. The joke is funnier in the first person.

Shit Tim Allen’s done/said? He was a coke smuggler who rated out his friends, Said being a republican in Hollywood is like “Being a Jew in Hitlers Germany” had a weird angry outburst on some girl about evolution and that’s the stuff off the top of my head.

I get to play Boulders Gate 3 once in awhile but I like the group dynamic and hard to coordinate but i appreciate the thought thank you.

She’s 2 or I would try xD. Also that would take away tea party time and Baby(dolls) time xD.

I’ve never played DnD. It’s something I gained Interest in the last 5 years but Covid,:kids and work just absorbed my life. Now my work schedule is bonkers:X and my little girl is my 1st priority.

Small town business man… xD…

I’m finding, overall the vibes better but the bottom tier comments are starting to come in. Seeing alot of bots/clear shit disturbed this week.

Nope… we were chatting and I was saying it’s nuts that 80$ to fill my suv… He then responded its 80$ for him to go to work and back… So he may be exaggerating but I’m just passing the message…

People complaining? I feel like this is the perfect amount. I’d go to post something on reddit and see it was posted 12 times since I tried.

This guy gets the meaning of the meme xD

I think Kim and Xi more wild? What Biden photos an equivalent?

Joe Bidin, wouldn’t lie!!

I make alot of my own gifs for memes and game design. I’ll admit I’m lazy and don’t want to convert anything xD…

I got it from LazerPigs discord server. That’s all I got sorry.

Not me, I just lold and thought I’d share.

Classic from my childhood

An absoluteky outstanding song by Cash btw. If you haven’t checked it out, I suggest you do so. Even if you have zero interest in Country do yourself a favour.


TS:The truth, the main stream media don’t want you to know!!!

Me:Like what?..


Me: Biden kid ok?


Me:His laptop what?


Me:Got it the US government needs fresh blood who knows how to use a laptop like Hunter Biden.

TS:Arghhh argghh Arghhh Rawr LAPTOP!!

Meaning of story not many old politicians know how yo use laptops, I think?

I just assumed this was a meme about ghosts not being real until I read top text.