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Are you somehow of the impression that this comic series is about a videogame? This is a scene from a tabletop campaign.

Here’s my full unbridled take on this. Strap in, it’s long.

OP’S post is on topic

First of all, RPGMemes doesn’t have a published strict ruleset about what is and isn’t “on topic” for the community. If they had rigorous rules saying what people can and cannot post, and this was clearly outside of those bounds, perhaps you’d have a point, but the community doesn’t, and you don’t

You’ve said this isn’t “roleplaying content” - You haven’t provided a definition of what you think roleplaying is. This is pretty common diversionary bullshit from people who don’t have a good argument - “your thing doesn’t conform to my definitions, but I won’t provide my definitions so you can’t refute me.”

If your definition is “is this related to a roleplaying game” the contextual clues are fairly strong here, what, do you think goblins and orcs are real? These characters and this moment were part of an ongoing tabletop campaign, and anyone familiar with tabletop roleplaying can figure that out without having followed the story. RPGMemes posts are very commonly people sharing a moment from their game that they found entertaining.

Most people would consider this comic to directly contain the act of “roleplaying” itself. It conforms more to that than most of the content in the community. For me, roleplaying is those conversations and moments between the mechanical gameplay, where you define who your characters are and learn more about them. You might not have been following the story of these characters here, but this comic helps reinforce and develop their personalities to the audience that are following it - and these little moments are what roleplaying is all about for a lot of people.

“What is a meme” is a much harder question. There are thousands of contradicting definitions out there, so it’s going to be possible to find one to support any position you might have - this makes the whole argument “what is a meme” kind of pointless, and engaging with it won’t accomplish anything because you’ll just say “no it’s not”. Reddit RPGMemes (that spawned this community) and this community commonly hold that anything comedic is fair game. If there is “an element of humor” involved it’s allowed. There’s an element of humor here.

You might think “it’s only a meme if it follows an established meme format” - in which case, 80% of the posts here are “off topic” why are you so obsessed with this one specifically?

You might not like the humor, but a joke isn’t “off topic” because you don’t like it. A joke isn’t off topic because you don’t understand it.

OP specifically asked the community whether they wanted this style of content.

OP has been very polite, and when posting their first comic here, they asked the community if they thought such content was on topic. There were many positive responses. OP has checked with the community and the mods several times since to make sure that the community wishes to see this content, and they do.

OP posts are almost always original content, made by them from scratch. They have contributed a lot to this community. Their posts are consistently highly upvoted and many users have even stated that they come here specifically to see OP’s posts. All of OP’s posts here are about roleplaying, and those posts have spawned many productive and interesting discussions about the roleplaying hobby in the comments also. Many of these discussions have helped people explore how they view the hobby and grow as roleplayers. OP consistently engages with comments and provides useful advice to newer roleplayers seeking help.

Comics about roleplaying campaigns have always been welcome here - multiple users post comics about events from their session, not just OP. They’re all accepted as on-topic content - even the ones that don’t contain any elements of comedy.

We want this community to be friendly and welcoming.

In general, it’s easy to be kind. It’s easy to be nice. If people are having fun with something, and it’s not your fun, you can… just ignore them. You don’t have to go into the posts and shit all over them for no good reason. You don’t have to start fights with literally everyone else in the comments. Don’t yuck my yum.

If you, personally, don’t want to see a specific user’s content in a lemmy community, there is a block feature. It’s a single menu click and their stuff is gone - you’d get exactly what you wanted, and you wouldn’t cause any drama. You can get exactly what you want, and not look like a total idiot. If other people are having fun, the way to respect the community and keep it positive and welcoming is to just leave them alone - just filter out the stuff you don’t want.

OP has contributed a lot of high quality posts to this community. The ONLY thing you’ve contributed is to show up and demand that they leave. For what? To make the community that you are not contributing to better for you specifically? You don’t even post here.

There are a lot of other posts in this community that are equally viable targets of your demands, why choose this one?

There are multiple other “non-roleplaying, off-topic” posts available here that you could have demanded be removed, but you didn’t. Many posts here that are far less on topic than this one, but you didn’t demand they be removed.

So, It’s pretty odd… I had a look through your post history and your only contributions here are to demand this content be removed, or to argue with the community when they disagreed with you. It seems to be a pattern across lemmy, you show up in a random community that you’ve not taken any part in, leave a few negative comments, and then contribute nothing else. Maybe it’s just that you’re a troll? In that case, is this what you really want to be doing with your time? just going around and trying to make other people as miserable as you?

The only connection to that pattern that I can see for this specific post is that several of your posts are explicitly LGBTQ-phobic. Is it because the characters here are both female that you’re so offended? Is that why you asserted that this content would be more appropriate in “furry communities” despite none of the characters being animals or having any animal traits? You also said this comic is “about sex” when it’s not. It mentions sex, but it’s about character interactions and embarrassment, and clashes of personality. Is this the far right homophobic viewpoint that “the existence of gay people in media is inherently sexual” coming out?

tldr: if you don’t want to see OP’s posts, just block them and stop being an ass.

You keep saying “it doesn’t contain roleplaying”, but it clearly does. This is a moment of roleplaying, from a roleplaying game.

What definition of “roleplaying” are you using? you haven’t provided it. This is a common tactic from bad faith bullshitters. “I have a definition of a thing and your thing doesn’t fit into it. I refuse to tell you what my definition is, so you can’t argue with me.”

Also, There’s a table top in the comic, it’s right there.

Oh I’m sorry, I don’t mean to say you accused her of doing that on purpose, I’m informing you that it reads that way to other people.

“I’m not accusing her of doing that on purpose” means you ARE accusing her of doing that, which is fucking ridiculous.

If your takeaway from this is that it’s “sexual harassment” then that’s a you problem.

Dude, this is a light-hearted cute comic about people falling in love. It’s not really an appropriate venue for accusing the author of romanticising sexual harassment in the workplace.

The PHB only has half a page of text that gives guidance on how to roleplay and over half of it is dedicated to describing the process of pulling a lever.

Instead of “that won’t work” say “you can certainly try”

That depends on your frame of reference.

Wait a minute, that purple outfit isn’t one of Razira’s “only clothes”!

I always make sure that my campaign contains 5 or 6 players, and I tell everyone we’re running if we get four regardless.

Sometimes when I’m tired or bummed out, I don’t really wanna travel to my friends’ for tabletop, but I always found if I did go, I’d have a good time and be happy I forced myself to go - knowing the session will happen anyway is a great way to encourage people not to flake out.

Sure, but if you roll another 1 your character dies forever.

I wonder what an outfit that accentuates “the ears” would be? a full black ninja suit covering the entire body except the ears?

Razira is a half-orc, and you’ve been told that repeatedly.

To be completely fair, the two links both go to other cute comics with nothing objectionable in them… but one of them shows two female characters hugging and talking about dating each other.

“Why are you posting links to porn?” looked indistinguishable from the American Far-Right talking point that any depiction of gay relationships is inherently pornographic.

The real question is why Azuth has big wooden sticks for fingers.

Inertia is the world’s most powerful force.

We WISH that WotC listened to their community.

Sadly undermined by the fact that they got the session together in the end.

I wouldn’t count running into a community full of people having fun, and telling them they all suck and are stupid for having fun counts as… “criticism”

Is it an opinion? yes. Is it “criticism”? no. It’s just negativity for negativity’s sake.

I’m not really sure there’s much value in debating whether " How can anyone legitimately enjoy reading this, honestly?" counts as hate-mail - but telling a creator that their work sucks and everyone hates it is a shitty thing to do regardless. It definitely gets received as hate-mail.

Although having said that, the majority of this guy’s posts on lemmy seem to be showing up in random communities and saying he thinks they’re pointless or crap.

How utterly devoid of humor or character must you be to spend your time going around the internet making posts like this? What does this kind of post contribute to anything? If you don’t like someone’s creative work, you can just ignore it.

This is the BG3 approach to relationship dialogue. :D

The “constructive criticism” here is “stop making your own stuff and pay someone else to do it for you”.

I don’t think she knows what an aboleth is.

You keep doing this for OP’s goblin OC as well. There’s lots of official WotC art of green goblins, including the current Monsters of the Multiverse art that’s being used as the default art for the goblin lineage.

It’s kind of rude to tell people that their character designs aren’t valid just because you don’t approve of their choice of skin-tone.

I’ve been known to give my players a magic purse that makes coins weigh nothing before.

She’s pointing at herself when she asks “what’s your favourite thing” - imagine the disappointment of being beaten out by a hat.

Yeah. If you’ve ever used detect thoughts repeatedly in a campaign, you know how little information you actually get from surface thoughts.

Konsi, When was the last time you took a day off?

You better make a kid or you’re gonna have failed to pay your bills.

As an evil wizard, you could pay your staff less than 2000g and make some savings.

Honestly, if the doppleganger is acting exactly like Konsi, does it really matter if she got replaced?