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The source for the article is from 2012. It’s not happening.

If only everyone in the world would work in their spare time, we’d have flying cars. Let’s go for 7x10hrs a week, it’ll be great.

Source for that call. I followed the entire thing, and there wasn’t such a thing brought up during the trial.

He didn’t agree with me. I said “Depp won a case” he then said “no she won in the UK, and also sometimes bad people win cases” meaning Depp

Buddy, the entire thing was livestreamed, watched by countless lawyers. A jury was giving the verdict. There was no proof he touched her. All there was, was verbal abuse, him doing drugs and sleeping in random places. There was proof of his wife abusing him though. There was proof of her cheating, of her hitting him, of her literally taking a shit on his side of the bed.

I don’t care that you won’t believe it, just don’t shout lies that were proven to be lies in the most televised court in this century.

Pretty sure his wife lost a case about calling him a wifebeater, because she couldn’t prove he touched her once.

Thwy strip, and good luck with torquing them to anything. I can’t count how many times I had to drill out hex screws, and I don’t even work with metal that much

That’s a shitty screw then not the style of head issue?

It’s always an excuse that criminals make - that they don’t have any other options for employment. It’s a shitty excuse when 95% of the country is employed and don’t scam people. It’s easy money for them, nothing more.

“normal” sounds bad in the context of mental illness so there’s “neurotypical” for people without obvious mental problems

I like the Archer version “let slip the hogs of war…” “Dogs of war.” “Whichever farm animal of war, Lana!”

I hope you grow up and realise what you’re saying. Fat chance, but one can hope.

You have about as much plausible deniability here as someone saying “watch out mr president, a lot of presidents have been assasinated in the past”.

You are calling for people’s deaths. That is a punishable offense and makes you batshit insane.

You don’t. It’s a time like any other and nothing will change anyways.

I’d put “none”. Just as “not collecting postal stamps” doesn’t go into the “hobbies” field.

Fucking hell people here on lemmy are batshit insane.

Fucking lol. He was up there till he died. He was a monster that killed millions of people. Fuck him and fuck any people worshipping him or whitewashing him or his crimes.

Cats are extremely light sleepers and often check on their buddies during the night. That’s why they enter love mode in the morning - they think you might’ve died or something for sleeping so soundly and are relieved when you are alright

No, because the dude got shot without it.

I never understood the self censoring. OP is literally quoting his catchphrase. From a show where way worse things happen than a curse word.

Free market doesn’t equate to capitalism. There are countless working capitalistic societies and none communist ones.

Sooo there aren’t any examples of communism working but it totally is going to when done right! I could counter with “if capitalism was done right nobody would be oppressed and everyone would want for nothing”.

Wdym they had mites that made them useless. If you only had worms, you get buff and smart like Fry