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If it’s due in 10 minutes it only takes 10 minutes to do.

If nothing is laid out for me and I just have to read a bunch of textbooks, what exactly am I paying tuition for?

All of my courses did the bulk of instructing and learning during class or lab time, and it was a fulfilling, educational, and enjoyable experience.

College is expensive, it’s not unreasonable to expect the instructors to be willing to and capable of instructing.

Literally the teachers job to explain everything.

While estuaries isn’t wrong, I feel like they were looking for the word tributaries.

At what point did I give a shit about economic damage? Throw bricks, occupy refineries, do what you want. Just don’t dump an inordinate amount of toxic material into our environment just to try prove a point about protecting the environment.

“You can’t do that by sitting at home and making angry faces.” Agree 100%, never said we could, glad we’re on the same side here.

True. But at least glass is non-toxic, unreactive, and will break back down into sand over time.

You’re the only one talking about non-action and bootlicking. I think you might be projecting a little.

And please realize that actions such as breaking lcd screens is going to increase the production of lcd screens. But if you wanna throw some bricks through some windows, i say go for it.

Bruh this has nothing to do with centrism. It’s "if we blow up an oil pipeline, the oil will spill out and be far more destructive than it would’ve otherwise"ism.

Fuck off with your “Insignificant damage” bullshit.

Fuck fossil fuels, fuck the industry that peddles them, but your ideas would just cause way more problems than they solve.

Non-americans really love this weird bogus narrative.

I abandoned reddit at a gas station months ago and never looked back.

I bet the people that love to pick on biden for his slight, occasional stutter are the same ones that didn’t say a word about our last president being a literal incoherent babbling idiot.

Ugh. The only posts I ever see from this community are about windows. I thought this was a Linux community. Blocked.

Wow you’ve met every single landlord in the entire world? That’s quite a feat.

Unless of course you’re full of shit. Which you are.

Lmao “try and understand them” fuck off, OP. You’re not fooling anyone. There’s no point trying to understand assholes.

And then imagine making a meme about it, and still typing “°C” wrong.

The people are possessed of no kinetic energy, the train cannot physically act upon the people since the portal is intangible. There’s no way for the train to transfer any kinetic energy to the people, and there’s no other force that could act on the people. No kinetic energy going in = no kinetic energy coming out.

I just don’t agree that’s how it would work. You can’t gain momentum simply by passing through a portal. The portal cannot create momentum. The object passing through has no kinetic energy going in, it can’t have kinetic energy coming out. It would exit the portal at the velocity of the first portal, as the entry portal passes over the object, and then the object would drop to the ground.

Yes but it wouldn’t be possessed of any momentum, it only appears to be moving because the train is moving. As soon as it cleared the portal it would drop straight to the ground.

Yeah I really think you’ve misunderstood some things. An infinitely thin coat of paint? Are you familiar with the mechanics of the Portal games?

It would be like dropping a hula hoop over a basketball. Regardless of how fast the hoop falls, the basketball still just sits there.

“Velocity is relative” doesn’t really apply here. The question is momentum, the pedestrians have none, the portal will pass right around them. Imagine the exit portal is on the back of the train, it would be as if a large hollow tube was passing around the pedestrians, they would still be laying there stationary.

If you jump into a portal, YOU have momentum, these people are stationary and therefore have no momentum, the answer is A.

But the pedestrians have no momentum, only the portal has momentum.

Replace the portal with a normal open doorway, or that gameshow “hole in the wall”, when someone passes through the hole, they aren’t launched out of the other side, they’re still just standing there as the door passes around them.

You mean A. The people are not speedy things, they are stationary things.

I dont know why you believe thats how language works, its not. Everyone in Texas pronouncing “nuclear” “nukular” instead of “noo-clee-ar” doesn’t make it correct. It still comes from the root word “nucleus”, not “nukulus”. The majority are objectively wrong, and there are no arguments to be made to the contrary.

If you want to be wrong on purpose, go for it, just stop pretending otherwise. You’re embarrassing yourself and all English speakers.

Lmao “I’d rather be wrong like everyone else” is the most spineless, smoothbrained, brainwashy bullshit I’ve ever heard. Get the fuck out of here.

Wow. Now you’re just being deliberately obtuse and vindictive. You are not worth continuing this conversation with. Grow up.

Friend this is the internet, if you’re seriously expecting 0 trash-talk with your discussions then you’re in the wrong place.

Soe Wee shud spel ahll owur werds funehtikly? And if uh werd iz nott speld funehtikly itz rong?

Because that’s ridiculous. You know perfectly well that letters can make different sounds depending on the word. Stop being obtuse.

The tag line provided by the creator when the format was created back in 1987 was “choosey image users choose gif” Clearly a parody of a similar tag line from Jif peanut butter.

You are incorrect.

It’s jif.

Whether the people give af or not is irrelevant. If the founder(s) of the town intended it to be pronounced Purcellville, the people are wrong. If the founder(s) said percuhville, then they’re not wrong.

Look friend, be wrong if you want. That’s your prerogative.

The french didn’t create the word “soleel”, the founder of the garden center didn’t name his business “soleel”, the word “soleel” does not exist. Everyone who uses the word “soleel” is wrong. Usage is irrelevant, the creator gets to decide. Period. It’s jif. Be wrong or be right, your call. Just own your decision.

You mean you guys haven’t been saying “puh-thyoos” all this time?

Sir or madam or otherwise, that is not how words work.

I once saw a garden center with the french word “soleil” (pronounced “so-lay”) in the name, everyone in the area pronounced it “so-leel”, but just because the French don’t kick down the doors and correct people doesn’t make “so-leel” any less incorrect. There is a correct and an incorrect way to say words, frequency of usage is irrelevant.