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Windows listens to me just fine 🤷‍♂️

Incorporate, publish a ToS, and offer me something of value. I’m happy to oblige.

Oh no, they keep my IP address. And my location after explicit permission, what will I ever do?!!!

I do not give one shit about minor crap like this. They need to pay people, keep the site going, and make some money on top of that.

If you don’t like it, perhaps just don’t use it instead of freeloading and leeching?

I’ve seen a goat fuck a woman. Doesn’t mean it’s something you should worry about.

The vast majority of shit breaking ain’t going to hurt you.

In some configurations outlook will replace links with something like this (domain is incorrect, but here’s the gist) outlookvirusscanner.outlook.com?scanredirect=theoriginalink.com

So yes, that WILL slow you down, but there is a valid reason for it. If that’s the reason I have no idea why the others wouldn’t be slow. It might just be a I use x at home vs y at work type deal?

I’m still convinced you are just noticing the redirect/link checker built into m365/ azure AD.

Devops sites? What does that even mean lol?

I’ve never once had links take any sort of noticeable time to open outside of the scanner link/redirect. Which doesn’t have to do with edge or outlook. You probably are conflating two issues.

Nah, it is. It’s the same as folks who scream about how easy it is to be scammed on Amazon. It’s rare and if you are getting tricked into buying fakes every order the problem is you.

Shopping for deals really isn’t as hard as you all make it seem.

It’s really not as bad as you say these days. The majority of stuff are good deals.

Yup. Thatsthepoint.jpg. See what you did there? You don’t find value, you don’t want to pay, and you stopped. Imagine that. Instead of bitching to the void incessantly you summoned up some will power and stopped using the service.

Nah, my house is probably only 450k in that equation. A nice 2300 sq ft ranch with partially finished basement. The rest is in investments and small business.

No. It’s made up fantasy land propaganda that gets eaten up. This is 5th grade math and could be easily identified as bullshit with a passing glance.

What fucking hell hole do you live that it costs $80 to drive 12 miles? At $10 USD a gallon that’s like 1 mpg.

Posted on a forum thread bitching about how folks are not going to use the service. The delusional logic here is way to high.

I think they are doing just fine booting the freeloaders. Even if they push you all to steal via piped that basically a free cache. Mission accomplished.

Approaching 2M +/- 100k actually. I’m fairly well off, not that it has anything to do with here.

I’m so sorry I understand how to make money and still find value in YouTube.

Full market saturation. They aren’t getting new customers, especially from that ad blocking I won’t pay for shit crowd. They’ll probably pull at least a few customers up a tier, and they’ll reduce compute costs booting the babies who won’t pay or watch ads.

It’s just common sense business. That’s how you make money.

Lmaoooooo Google is doing better than ever. They do not give a shit about 1000 lemmy users.

You fuckers won’t even pay for yt, and screech every time you see an add. What about any of that screams loyal community?

In what imaginary world are people ditching chrome over this? You people project so hard lol.

Oh God I have to wear a back pack and have all my electronics on hand at all times!

Nothing to do with my seat. I’ll die before I end up having to check bags.

Keep sitting amateur.

Is the intent to drive engagement by letting the glaring holes in logic get easily corrected?

Not even remotely close to true. Services are mostly half assed. Doing them correctly is time consuming and expensive.

And Europe isn’t expensive to live? Canada? Australia? All of them have very high CoL in population centers. Especially tech hubs. The only place that’s significantly out of whack is CA and to be honest, much of the time it’s still worth it. Go remote and get the best of both worlds is quite common and easy.

🙄 the US has plenty of not the majority of high paying jobs. Working in high skill STEM pays absurdly good.

It’s like skill jobs that get fucked.

🙄 if I had a dime for every time I’ve heard an engineer say I got this for backups…

I wouldn’t self host any git unless it was unimportant. Too easy to dick up disks.

Your blanket opinion of “rich people” is naive and reductionist. There are plenty of smart and capable rich people. They also have the resources to actually go out and train in hobbies, which commonly include survival shit. I’m sure whatever bullshit survivalist skills you are trying to be vague about are pale in comparison to a rich person with time and resources.