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Free Edward Snowden. Much easier guy to support

Espera até te aperceberes que em certas circunstâncias os pronomes vão para outros sítios nas frases (em português de Portugal)

Oh no, far from that. Vote Biden all the way (I’m not voting cause I am not an American and not in the US).

But I think that higher levels of political participation would have prevented this in the first place, as it would probably mean that waaaaay better candidates would come out of both parties (and eventually new ones)

Well, a death sentence is the same. But your stay is merely shortened a bit

And probably the fact that post 2009 the construction industry collapsed and a lot fewer homes are getting built

He won last year for his performance in “the whale”

Biggest producer, but it’s largely for internal demand if I’m not mistaken. Besides, if you restricted exports, it would raise prices even more for everyone else

The problem is that for most of the world, we’re kinda dependent on Saudi Arabia and Russia to do that

And the way that the electoral college was made is very much reasonable if you consider the history of the United States. When you realise that in the beginning, the US was very much like the EU is now, a loose federation of states, the structures that are in place make a lot of sense. The problem is that the US now views itself like a single unified nation instead of a federation of states, and those structures stopped making sense.

Exatamente. “Traseiro” é uma alternativa adequada

Nah. It’s more, year of the piracy comeback

lol did ya come to check if I put it in the right place :D

China: gets Britain addicted to tea

Britain: gets China addicted to opium

China: **surprised pickachu face **

And if it’s flatpak, it should be contained

You can further differentiate the government from the remaining structures and citizen of Israel proper

There’s probably some random config file on a forum post 18 years old where half the images don’t load cause the hosting service they used for image went down

Pink like your favourite food!

I might be doing something wrong, but the crash reports themselves are damn near useless

Nah. I did the arguably poor choice of only upgrading the internals

Im not scamming? I upgraded the machines, doubling the ram and adding a dedicated graphics card. I’m actually attempting to create value

I tried doing such market analysis and it did seem that the low end gaming market was filled with overpriced stuff that I could easily undercut with apparently even some semi professional sellers present.

The only reason why I’m considering this kind of monetisation is cause my original plan of flipping office computers into low end gaming machines is not working

Monetising spare computers
Hey! So I have two spare computers, with 7th gen i5s and 16GB of ram. What would be the best way to try and monetise them? I’ve found one or two websites which allow you to rent out your servers essentially as a VPS on a fairly long term way with a decent payout. However I tried sending them an email and got no response. Are there any other such services? (The website was [this](https://www.cloudbastards.com/rent-out-server.html) )

The problem is. Nowadays all email clients have to be browsers cause email text is sent as html

Not that much. . . . .

. . .

. . Money is why

Not necessarily. Prussia managed to be “an army with a country” and be despotic

I use home, then after running out of stuff I switch to all.

É de facto irritante. Nada como estar na escola e um prof pede para ler. Estás calmamente a ler o texto e de repente tens de forçar a porcaria da entoação para sobrecompensar o facto de que não reparaste que era uma pergunta

Celebrate by putting off another 10 5 minute tasks for later

Imagine having backups and not being on the testing branch of the beta version of a distro while running a custom kernel that is on alpha (Context, im on testing branch of fedora 39 beta with the asahi kernel)

How do I implement wake up on lan (WoL)?
I'm running an old server at home, an IBM system x3400 m3, rocking two x5675 intel processors. I currently have Windows Pro (NOT Server) installed on it and connected to it remotely through Parsec (opened a port on my router). I've tried using duckDNS to associate my IP with a domain, and got the service running on my server to automatically refresh the IP. This server is my primary rig, used for gaming but also to host my family's photos through Plex and backup photos from phones through Resilio file Sync. However, the server doesn't have the best power consumption, so I'd like to use WoL to remotely turn it on. I've enabled it in the BIOS, have checked the drivers to enable it, and tried using TeamViewer to use Wake on Lan, but it doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions on how to remotely turn it on? (the server also has KVM I think, or at least an apparently useless network port, tho I'm not exactly sure what that does)